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Epilogue is the epilogue chapter of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life.


One month later, Nagumo meets with Kiyomi and Someya's tween daughter, Hiromi, at her mother's bar in Onomichi. Nagumo tells her that father loved her deeply and asks her if she remembers her mother, since she'd left when she was very young. Hiromi says that she only knows her from pictures and the stories her father used to tell her. Then, Kiyomi enters the bar and greets her daughter. As it turns out, Captain Koshimizu had been moved by Someya's sacrifice, so he decided to only pretend to kill Kiyomi and then hid her away so that Tsuneo and Sugai didn't find out she'd been spared. Kiyomi thanks Nagumo and he acknowledges that, even though she'll never love him like he loves her, he still wants to be around to help her. Outside the bar, Matsunaga and Naoto bid Haruka and Yuta goodbye, as they'll be moving together to Haruka's orphanage in Okinawa. The couple promise to visit as often as they can.

In Tokyo, Daigo Dojima is released from prison and he is met by Goro Majima and Taiga Saejima, who'd been released a few weeks prior. Daigo's advisors tell him that the Tojo Clan is on the brink of war with the Yomei Alliance due to their role in Kiryu's death, and he needs to decide whether to move forward with an invasion of Hiroshima. Even though Sugai is dead and Tsuneo has been arrested for his father's murder, Majima and Saejima advise Dojima to move forward with the attack. They claim that the Yomei are in a vulnerable position due to the chaos of the past month, and their new chairman, Koshimizu, is still settling into his new role. However, Daigo decides against going to war. Before his final battle, Kiryu had written letters to all his loved ones and, as Daigo shows Majima and Saejima, in his letter to Daigo, Kiryu had requested that he not seek revenge in the event of his death.

At New Serena, Akiyama visits Date to tell him that he will be re-opening Sky Finance now that the Saio are gone. He also asks him if Kiryu is truly dead, since Date was the only person who supposedly saw his body. Date tells Akiyama that Kiryu is really gone, but Akiyama does not believe him and hopes that Date will someday tell him the truth.

In a flashback, Kiryu is seen awakening in a hospital bed the day after he was shot. Beside him is an unnamed politician who identifies himself as Minoru Daidoji's successor. He informs Kiryu that Daidoji has died, so he and his allies will not pursue Kiryu or his loved ones anymore, as long as he tells nobody about Daidoji's role in the secret of Onomichi. Kiryu says he has two additional conditions: First, all charges against Dojima, Majima and Saejima must be dropped. Second, the politician must use his connections to help Kiryu fake his death. Kiryu is tired of having his legacy constantly drag his loved ones into peril, so he wants to leave his old life behind and start anew in another country so that Haruka and everyone else he cared about will be left alone. At this point, Date enters the room, having heard everything from the outside. Kiryu's friend tries to dissuade him from this, but he cannot be persuaded. The politician agrees and departs.

In Okinawa, Haruka and Yuta have moved into Morning Glory Orphanage, where they live with her foster siblings and raise Haruto together. In the story's closing moments, Haruka and Yuta are teaching Haruto to walk by himself while Kiryu watches from a distance. Haruto sees him and tries to walk towards him. When the baby takes his first steps alone, Kiryu smiles and walks away before anyone else can see him. Kiryu then walks into the distance, satisfied that his life's goal is complete and that he is finally free from his life of crime.



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