Erena Aihara is the eldest daughter of three beautiful sisters as well as Shun Akiyama's hostess in Yakuza 4.

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"Erena-chan is a spunky Kansai goddess! Her high energy is absolutely infectious. Here's something you might not expect: she also has a girly side! Your heart is guaranteed to skip a beat once you get a glimpse of it! She's 24, an Aries, and her blood type's O! Her favorite food is liver sashimi, and I hear she's really into perfume. Hehe... Let me tell you, once you live through one of Erena-chan's hyper-energetic conversations, you'll be totally hooked!"



Icon Name Reaction
Y4fruitplatter Fruit Platter
Y4chickenbasket Chicken Basket
Y4vegetablesticks Vegetable Sticks
Y4driedrayfin Dried Ray Fin
Y4chocolate Chocolate
Y4pickledvegetables Pickled Vegetables


Icon Name Reaction
Y4goldchampagne Gold Champagne
Y4blackchampagne Black Champagne
Y4rosechampagne Rose Champagne
Y4whitechampagne White Champagne
Y4yamazaki12 Yamazaki 12 Years
Y4premiummalts Beer
Y4cassisandorange Cassis & Orange
Y4orangejuice Orange Juice
Y4kyogetsugreen Kyogetsu Green


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I think I made the right choice coming here. What's your favorite place in Tokyo?
You came to Tokyo all by yourself?
I guess Kyoto is a bit slower-paced, huh?
Oh, he walked up to me when my friend and I were out drinking. He just picked you up?!
What's with young girls these days?
Is this something you tell all your customers?
Oh yes. I do that all the time! I guess you can be cute when you try.
Wouldn't you rather wear something you like?
I think you've got it wrong.
I want them to be sweet and needy when it's just the two of us. Oh, and he should be rich. And kind, too. Rich, huh? At least you're honest.
Isn't that asking a little much?
Why do you like manly men?
I guess he asked the waiter to put the ring in there. It sounds like he's trying pretty hard.
Maybe I should try that one myself.
I don't know... Putting it in her food?
What can I say? I love compliments, even if they aren't true. Even if it's not true?
I'm no fan of empty flattery.
Yep, you sure are pretty.
What do you usually like to drink? Usually just canned beer.
I like shochu. You know--sweet potato liquor?
I drink a lot of whiskey.
What kind of place would you take me if we were going on a date? Somewhere with beautiful night scenery.
Someplace with great food.
That's a secret.
I know! I'm trying to drink at least two glasses a day! Two glasses? That's not very much.
You don't need it.
It takes more than just water.
You'd think they'd be used to it. Do you prefer girls who are more laid back? Well, I don't know.
I don't really care either way.
Of course I do.
Hahahah! I've been running myself ragged gettin' everything ready for her, but she won't lift a finger. It isn't new, of course. It sounds like you're having fun.
You must be tired.
You should make up with her.
Well... Maybe I jumped into this relationship a little too quickly. I told you so.
Maybe you're just working too hard at it.
Are you breaking up with him already?
My boyfriend seemed real shocked that I could eat while watching that kind of movie. You think that's such a strange thing to do? That's not such a big deal.
I'd be a little surprised too.
It must've been a pretty boring movie.
Makes sense, right? It's great when women can cook.
So you try to look like you can't cook?
You can't fool me.
Oh, I don't know. It's just cute. Don't some people hate fake Kansai accents?
There's nothing cute about a Kansai accent.
"Let me take you out to eat!"
Yeah. Everybody who knows me says I got a huge appetite. You certainly don't look it.
You want something to eat?
You'll just have to grin and bear it for now.
Well... To tell you the truth, she's someone I didn't really want to see. Did she steal a boyfriend from you or something?
Did she used to bully you or something?
Sorry. I didn't mean to pry.
Hahahah! Yep, I'm serious. I'm the oldest. That's a little scary.
Your parents must've worked hard.
I can imagine how noisy that'd be.
Do you like to make your move right away? Or do you like to take your time? If I like someone, I tell them right away.
I like to take my time.
It depends on the situation.
This should make my cooking even better than before. You keep making me fall for you all over again.
You buy things through mail-order, huh?
Buying the equipment is just the first step.
I don't like the way he eats. And he tends to mumble, so sometimes I can't tell what he's saying. Sigh... I'm just not feeling it anymore. This is your chance to end it.
Do you know how he feels?
Maybe it's just temporary.
Maybe... There's no need to be sad about it.
Are you sure you didn't love him?
You jumped into that relationship too quickly.
I'm afraid it'll just be the same if I get involved with somebody else. Don't worry about what the other person thinks.
So what are you saying?
Maybe the opposite would be better.
You know, movies where the guy and the girl keep missing each other but finally get together at the end? So romantic! Don't you just love that kind of thing? Real life never works out that way.
I don't like happy endings.
You're pretty cute sometimes.
I feel like you accept me for who I am. That's why I can talk to you about anything. You've really given me a lot of good advice. You can't do that with other customers?
We do get along well, don't we?
I'm nobody special.
But I can't go right away. Plus, I also want to go to Hawaii sometime. You could do both.
Where else do you want to visit?
Wouldn't it be better to just travel in Japan?
But she's so annoying about it. How annoying is she, exactly?
If you live together, you have to get along.
Why doesn't she just clean up?
But of course I got no one to get married to. I am not sure there's anybody out there who'd want to marry somebody like me. I'm so impatient. And even though I got the looks, I'm real lazy. But I don't want to sit around doing the same thing over and over again, either. You don't have anything to worry about.
Why are you saying this now?
You're really worried about this, aren't you?
I got hungry in the middle, but it was too much trouble to cook anything, so I just kept watching. After a while I stopped feeling hungry. I think maybe my stomach got a little flatter. You shouldn't overdo it.
I know a good restaurant you might like.
That's not like you.
My other two sisters happened to be able to take time off at the same time, so we're all gonna travel around Tokyo together! That sounds like fun.
What do the four of you talk about?
You'll have to introduce me to them.
I just happened to see her by the side of the road. I thought it might be her, so I approached her, and sure enough it was. I'm surprised you remembered her.
She must've been surprised.
You should introduce her to me sometime.

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