Erika Mizushima (水嶋 えりか) is Shun Akiyama's hostess in Yakuza: Dead Souls. She is one of the few hostesses in the series capable of fighting, and also becomes available as an AI companion character after completing her substory.




Dialogue TreeEdit

Well, what's your gut say? You're a sure bet.
I really couldn't say.
The odds are pretty slim.
How about the loser has to... Be a slave for a day.
Cook for the winner.
Shave their head.
Yeah! Aw, now I started talkin' about them I reeeally want some... I'm not a fan.
Let's go get some.
I'll hunt for a good place.
Cause y'all's food ain't as good! You could learn a thing or two from us Kansai folk. Tokyo's got good food, too.
I prefer Kansai cooking too.
Better get used to it.
Hee hee. I went to a rich girl school. Played in the orchestra. You'll have to play for me sometime.
You're sure you can play?
Do you still play now?
Aww, it'll be fine! Now let's get drinkin'! We can chat the night away! Don't come crying when I outdrink you.
Just be smart about it.
Let's stick to soft drinks.
Ah ha ha ha! You got all scared I was seein' a guy, didn't you? What, are you crazy?
He's a real charmer, too.
I'm not into animals.
It ain't like fixin' breakfast, man! My policy's to sit back and let love find me. I had you pegged for a go-getter.
Call me any time you're lonely.
I hope you find a real prince.
What do you think I should do to crank up the sexy? Try some different makeup?
Get a boob job?
You don't need any sex appeal.
You'd never cheat on a girl, would you? Not at my age.
I'm a one-woman type of guy.
Never say never.
C'mon, Mr. Akiyama. Gimme a shot in the arm here! I need a confidence boost! Don't be afraid of failure!
It'll work out in the end!
Stop your moping!
What do ya think of a professional model-plus-mahjong-player? You'd be double popular.
Sure you want to spend your luck on that?
Should you really be playing around?
But if they were there lookin' for me, that's kinda scary. They might come inside next time.
You can always call me.
Maybe you should take some time off.
Still, I think we'd all be better off without 'em! Why not get rid of yours?
What about emails from guys?
Maybe I'll give mine up.
I need to blow off some serious steam here. Got any suggestions? Try walking your dog.
Try golf.
Try eating.
Hmm, I fell in with a bad-ass crowd in middle school, I guess. I was totally the good kid up 'til then. Seems like a waste.
I hope you thanked them.
Happy with how you turned out?
Lotsa guys get all happy when I get drunk and start punchin' heads. So how about you?
I'm totally a masochist.
Punch me and find out.
No, but it's fun! What's your favorite ride? Anything that makes you scream.
The Ferris wheel, definitely.
I love a good haunted house.
I'd make one helluva wife, in fact. You'd keep things exciting.
Maybe if you calmed down a little.
I can't even imagine.
Happy memories, ya know? Don't you ever think back on the good ol' days? Homesick for Osaka?
That's proof you're getting old.
I'd rather talk about the future.
What kinda look do you think I should go with? I wanna hear your opinion! Something laid-back and easy.
You've got to make that call yourself.
Anything that shows some skin.
They're decent guys, I swear. Or are you just jealous? Why would I be jealous?
You should stay away from them.
I'm serious here.
Comin' up with that's your job! Consider it a test. Surprise me! How about a spa trip to relax?
I'll treat you to a feast.
I've got the perfect idea.
Okay?! That's all ya have to say? How'd you do?
Is it really that strange?
Want to hear one of my secrets?
Pleeease? Lemme give you a makeover! Sure, why not?
Makeup's not going to cut it.
It's just been since I moved out I started gettin' emails like this one. Why not send them a picture?
Why haven't you replied?
Send a reply right now.
So now I'm lookin' for somethin' I can do that'll really wow folks. Got any ideas? How about comedy?
Why not get a certification?
What about sports?
Yeah. Ya think my folks will be happy if I make it as a model? That might be optimistic.
I'll be happy, anyway.
That's if you make it.
What kinda life would you lead if you got hitched, Mr. Akiyama? I'd want a quiet life out in nature.
I'm never leaving Kamurocho.
I'll stay a bachelor, thanks.
Don't go changin' the subject! Just answer. Please. What am I to you? Someone I can talk to about anything.
Someone special to me.
Someone who just put me on the spot.
Gotta get good enough so that I'll never lose to scrubs like them! Make it as a model first.
You'll have to beat me first.
Do what you want.

Erika's EmailsEdit


  • She likes pudding, and clams, but dislikes tomatoes.


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