Using his and his wife's restaurant "Dragon & Tiger" as a front for an illegal weapons operation, this chef from Hong Kong gathers weapons from all over the world. As long as you have money, he can get a hold of the perfect weapon for you from anywhere in the world.

Despite owning the "Dragon & Tiger", Fei Hu is not all that interested in the 'business' aspect of weapon trading preferring to leaving such things to his wife. Fei Hu is very firm on his beliefs, and is known to refuse customers who do not respect their weapons. Fei Hu himself is a master of many different weapons, including Katanas, Pole weapons, Nunchuku, Kali Sticks, and Tonfa.

While the "Dragon & Tiger" does provide a decent source of income, Fei Hu is in the weapon trading business for the art of creating weapons. To this end, and under Komaki's insistence, he forms a sort of partnership with Goro Majima. On good faith that Majima would aid Fei Hu's acquisition of weapon recipes, Fei Hu would impart his weapon training on to Majima.

Yakuza 0 Edit

He was first encountered at the back alleys of Sotenbori Street where a man got pissed off at a Chinese broadsword he bought from Fei Hu. Fei Hu then beats the man with only a stick, showing his proficiency with melee weapons. Fei Hu is initially hostile towards Majima for sensing an air of danger with his presence, but Komaki's strong recommendation to take Majima to undergo his training convinced him.

His subsequent encounters happen at Fei Hu and Long Hua's restaurant, the Dragon & Tiger. His training takes place at the river bank behind the restaurant.

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Fei Hu has shoulder-length hair and a short beard. He has a large scar on his right cheek, which goes all the way above his eye onto his forehead. He wears a white chef's gown over a black t-shirt and a red pair of trousers with black shoes.

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Fei Hu is proficient in numerous melee weapons, including bats, swords, kali sticks, and nunchaku.

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  • The 'Hu' in Fei Hu's name can be translated as tiger, while the 'Long' in Long Hua's name can be translated as dragon. The Dragon & Tiger restaurant is likely named for this.
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