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The Fishing Pier is a location in Tokyo where the Fishing minigame takes place. It can be accessed by taxi from Kamurocho.


The Fishing Pier has existed since at least 1988, although it does not appear in the first three Yakuza games.

Yakuza 0[]

In Yakuza 0, Kiryu trains with Miss Tatsu at the Fishing Pier.

Yakuza Kiwami[]

The fishing minigame is not featured in Yakuza Kiwami. However, in one part of the Majima Everywhere side-quest, Taxi Driver Majima drives Kiryu to the Fishing Pier against his wishes. The pair then fight, before Majima drives him back to Kamurocho. Neither the Fishing Pier nor Majima Everywhere appear in the original Yakuza game.

Yakuza 4[]

The Fishing Pier is introduced in Yakuza 4. As well as being the first location in Tokyo that player characters can fish at, it is also the setting of a main-story boss battle, which can be relived in Inner Fighter 7.


Yakuza 0[]