Fuji Soba is one of the eateries in the Yakuza (franchise).



Image Name Price (¥) SP Ability Description
Soba in Hot Broth 300 This freshly boiled soba with piping-hot soup is the restaurant's daily special.
Chilled Soba 300 Soba chilled with water after being boiled. You can taste the care put into this soup.
Chilled TanukiSoba 390 Cold soup poured over freshly boiled noodles and topped with crunchy bits of fried flour.
Chilled Kitsune Soba 390 Cold soup poured over freshly boiled soba and topped with large pieces of fried tofu.
Egg & Tempura Soba 470 Hot soba topped with onsen eggs and vegetable tempura. It's along-time fan favorite.
Special Fuji Soba 450 Hot soba topped with agedama, deep-fried tofu, onsen eggs, and kamaboko.
Yuzu Chicken & Spinach Soba 430 Enjoy the faintly aromatic yuzu that garnishes the hot soba, spinach, and steamed chicken.
Katsudon 490 A signature dish featuring a meaty pork cutlet. Cooked to order,so it's always hot and crispy.
Curry & Rice 440 Curry rice with mild spice. Fuji Soba's original curry roux is mixed with their famous soup.
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