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Fujimoto is a minor antagonist featured in Yakuza 0.


In 1988, Fujimoto is a member of the Dojima Family and a lieutenant of its subsidiary, the Shibusawa Family.

While Kazuma Kiryu and Jun Oda are driving Makoto Makimura from Osaka to Tokyo to meet with her estranged older brother, Tetsu Tachibana, they are attacked by members of the Shibusawa Family. The trio manage to elude the Shibusawa men in a highway car chase and take refuge in a deserted construction site to lose their pursuers.

However, Oda had previously made a deal with Keiji Shibusawa to hand over Makimura and Kiryu in exchange for his life and Tachibana's being spared, so Oda calls Shibusawa and reveals his location. After Kiryu and Makimura injure Oda and flee from him, they are attacked by Shibusawa's men who survived the highway chase, led by Fujimoto. The Shibusawa Lieutenant attacks Kiryu with a circular saw multiple times as he and Makimura escape through the construction site. Despite the advantage brought by his weapon, Fujimoto is defeated along with the rest of Shibusawa's crew and Kiryu and Makimura manage to flee unharmed.

Immediately afterwards, Fujimoto accompanies Shibusawa while he executes Oda for his failure to deliver on his side of the bargain.