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Lemme drop ya some wisdom. If all ya care about's climbin' the ranks, ya gotta be thinkin' one step ahead. But if ya wanna look down from the top... it's the endgame that matters. Rulin' the world don't mean shit if you lose it the next day.
— Shimano to Majima, Yakuza 0

Futoshi Shimano (嶋野 太, Shimano Futoshi), known as Futo Shimano in the overseas versions of the games prior to Yakuza 4, is a character that appears in Yakuza. He is the head of the Shimano Family, an affiliate of the Tojo Clan.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

In all of his appearances, Shimano has a heavy build. In the PS2 release of the first game, he has an obese build (subverted in Kiwami where he's heavily built but has solid torso). Shimano's head is shaved bald using a razor.

In his appearances, he has two sets of clothing: a pale purple suit over a green dress shirt and a green tie with Shimano family insignia buttoned on his jacket and a set of Tojo clan kimono with white socks and matching black sandals.

Tattoo Edit

Shimano's Tiger

Shimano's tiger tattoo.

In Japanese culture, there is a saying known as "ryuko aiutsu." The meaning is that the tiger has the strength to rival a dragon.

Personality Edit

Much like Sohei Dojima, Futoshi Shimano has a reputation for his ruthless, violent nature, and has a brutal grudge against Kiryu for Dojima's death. He is short-tempered and is a firm believer in discipline, as demonstrated through Majima losing his eye and personally cutting multiple fingers off of one of his underlings. Though he mostly relies on sheer brute force to retain his power, Shimano has shown he can sometimes be capable of cunning strategy. The most notable example of this is in Yakuza 0, when he successfully acquires the deed to the empty lot by tricking Majima and Makoto into falling for each other so she'd hand the deed over willingly. Much like his sworn brother Tsukasa Sagawa, Shimano likes keeping tabs on others and expects them to visit and render tribute to him when they're close by. Throughout their careers, Shimano and Shintaro Kazama were bitter rivals due to their clashing personalities and leadership styles: While Kazama favored being diplomatic and gentle in his dealings, Shimano believed pure strength and discipline were the key to all yakuza relations.

Background Edit

Shimano started out his career in the Tojo Clan as a member of the Dojima Family, rising to the rank of lieutenant during the late 1970's.

Within the Dojima Family, Shimano was frequently at odds with his fellow lieutenant, Shintaro Kazama. Shimano despised Kazama because he saw him as an obstacle for his own ambitions, while Kazama hated Shimano's thuggish approach to business. This enmity between both men would outlast their years together in the Dojima Family and continue when both men started yakuza families of their own. In 1988, Shimano would summarize his opinion of Kazama by saying that there "Ain't a bigger pain in the ass than him on this green earth".

In 1980, while the Tojo Clan was in the midst of a violent war with the Jingweon Mafia, Sohei Dojima received a tip informing him that the Jingweon's leaders would all be at a Christmas party to be held in an office building behind one of their clubs. Aiming to gain prestige and power within the Tojo Clan by quickly ending the war in their favor, Dojima ordered Kazama and Shimano to attack the party with several of their men and assassinate every Jingweon member they could find. Shimano eagerly complied, participating in the massacre in the hopes that it would advance his standing within the Clan.

The massacre ended the war and catapulted the Dojima Family to a position of great power within the Clan, since most other families now feared Dojima's might. Shortly after, Shimano's desire came true and he was able to split from Dojima and become a patriarch of his own family.

In 1985, Shimano's subordinate Goro Majima failed to carry out a hit on Yoshiharu Ueno of the Ueno Seiwa Clan due to the intervention of Kazuo Shibata. As a result, Shimano has Majima confined to "the Hole": an underground prison where members of the Tojo Clan who disobeyed orders were tortured for their defiance. Majima endured a year within this prison before Shimano released him and exiled him to Sotenbori. While in exile, Majima would be entrusted to Shimano's sworn brother from the Omi Alliance, Tsukasa Sagawa, who would put him to work as manager of the Cabaret Grand and demand constantly higher and higher profit margins to avoid being returned to the Hole.

Involvement Edit

Yakuza 0: 1988 Edit

Shimano welcomes Majima and Sagawa for his inivation

In 1988, through Sagawa, Shimano orders Majima to execute Makoto Makimura, the owner of the Empty Lot that the Tojo Clan has been trying to acquire in the middle of Kamurocho. In exchange for this hit, Majima would be allowed to rejoin the Shimano Family and re-obtain his former rank.

Shimano himself doesn't appear until towards the end of the game, when Majima and Sagawa travel to Kamurocho in search of Makimura, who'd been taken there by Kazuma Kiryu and Jun Oda. Shimano calls Majima and Sagawa to a meeting, where he reveals that he knew Majima would not be able to bring himself to kill Makimura and would instead protect her and gain her trust. Shimano could then leverage that trust to get her to sell the land to him, thus giving him the power to obtain the position of Third Chairman of the Tojo Clan. Shimano also revealed that he'd secretly made an alliance with the Omi Alliance: In exchange for their support in his pursuit of the Chairmanship, he would turn the Tojo Clan into an Omi Alliance subsidiary.

Shimano asks Majima if he would die for Shimano

Later on, after Masaru Sera obtained ownership of the Empty Lot and secured his position as the next Chairman of the Tojo Clan, Majima was tasked with killing Shimano for his attempt to sell out the Clan to the Omi Alliance. When Majima confronted Shimano about this, Shimano murdered the Omi Alliance envoy who'd arranged the alliance with him and offered Majima the Captain seat of the Shimano Family if he told Sera that he wasn't actually a traitor, to which Majima agreed.

Yakuza/Yakuza Kiwami: 1995-2005 Edit

Tojo Clan meeting

After the Tojo Clan's 10 billion yen reserve is stolen from their vault at Toto Bank, Shimano is one of the attendees at the emergency meeting at Tojo HQ on the subject. He becomes incredibly furious upon hearing about the robbery and storms out, ignoring Chairman Sera's orders to stay.

He later reappears after Sera's assassination, getting groomed to attend the Chairman's funeral while his underlings report to him about their earnings. When one of his sergeants informs him that Kiryu has returned to Tokyo and that they were unable to beat him in a five-against-one fight, Shimano promptly cuts two fingers off his employee's hand as punishment for his failure and then goes back to enjoy his grooming.

Shimano summon more Tojo men coming at Kiryu

At Masaru Sera's funeral, Shimano reencounters Kiryu after an assassin shoots Shintaro Kazama while Kiryu is meeting him in his office. Finding Kiryu alone with the injured Shintaro, Shimano assumes him to be there to murder all the surviving patriarchs and commands his men to kill him. Kiryu fights his way through the Tojo HQ and reaches the front entrance, where Shimano is waiting for him. Though the patriarch fights to stop his escape, Kiryu beats him and flees.

Eventually, Shimano is revealed to be secretly conspiring with the Omi Alliance once again, having made a deal with one of their leaders, Patriarch Yukio Terada, as well as Lau Ka Long of the Snake Flower Triad. Long and Terada were to help Shimano recover the 10 billion yen and become the next Chairman of the Tojo Clan and in exchange they would receive substantial percentages of the stolen money. Their plot is foiled, however, when Long fails to kidnap and retain Haruka Sawamura, daughter of the woman responsible for the theft, Yumi Sawamura.

Nonetheless, Terada turned out to have never been on Shimano's side, since he was also working as a double agent on Shintaro Kazama's behalf. When Shimano discovers this, he tails Terada to the dockyard where he'd been hiding Kazama, who was still recovering from the attempt made on his life during Sera's funeral. Shimano and his men attempt to murder Kazama and Terada, but their attacks is foiled by Kiryu and Kazama's lieautenant, Kashiwagi, who arrive with reinforcements to fight of Shimano's thugs.

Shimano dies

Kiryu and Shimano fight each other once again and, just as the previous time, Kiryu ends up the victor. Shimano, however, refuses to accept defeat and, in a fit of rage at having lost once more, hurls a grenade at Haruka. Shintaro shields the girl from the blast, saving her life at the cost of his own, and Terada shoots Shimano repeatedly, finally killing him.

Fighting style Edit

His fighting style mostly exploits his brute strength, being slow but deals a good amount of damage.

In Kiwami, his initial fighting style is derived from 0's Mr. Shakedown movesets. In his second fight, he's shown to be a proficient swordsman, wielding a katana with excellent skill.

Trivia Edit

  • Shimano speaks with a Kansai accent.
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