Genda Law Office is one of the main locations in Judgment.

History Edit

Takayuki Yagami started out as a lawyer here in 2015, but resigned shortly later after a man he got acquitted for murder went on to kill again.


Takayuki Yagami can take on Side Cases here from Saori Shirosaki.

Side CasesEdit

Note that this is a list of side cases that start in Genda Law Office, not side cases that are picked up from the Genda Law Office's Job Requests menu. See Genda Law Office Side Cases for this.


  • Many folders in the office have the year 2005 written on them, the year the first Yakuza game was released in Japan.
  • Genda Law Office's location on West Shichifuku Street is an allusion to Takayuki Yagami's name, which comes from the Japanese concept of the seven lucky gods, the Shichifukujin (七福神). The characters for Yagami's family name 八神 literally mean "eighth god".[1] Likewise, the Matsugane Family Office, where Yagami's other father figure Mitsugu Matsugane conducts his business, is located at the opposite end of the street.



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