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Genda Law Office (源田法律事務所, Genda Hōritsu Jimusho) is one of the main locations in Judgment.


Takayuki Yagami started out as a lawyer here in 2015, but resigned shortly later after a man he got acquitted for murder went on to kill again.


Takayuki Yagami can take on Side Cases here from Saori Shirosaki.

Side Cases[]

Request Name Client Reward (¥) SP
Infidelity Investigation The Darkest Place Noriko Taguchi 80,000 150
My name Noriko Taguchi.[sic] My husband has started going out frequently recently and I want to know where he's going. It's hard to imagine that he's cheating on me, but could you investigate? Thank you.
Second Infidelity Investigation Way of the Detective Megumi Hashimoto 80,000 150
I'd like to ask you to investigate if my husband is having an affair or not. I'd actually asked another detective to investigate, and he concluded that he wasn't, but something's not sitting right with me... So I'd like to get a second detective's opinion. I know where your office is, so I'll drop by shortly.
Searching for Missing Nephew Reckless Aspirations Fumie Taniyama 120,000 100
Could you please search for my missing nephew? He left home three years ago saying he was going to become the number one host in Kamurocho, and I haven't heard from him since. His parents have long since passed away, and I am his only living relative. Please, help me. I will be waiting at M Side Cafe. Could you please look for a black-haired, middle-aged woman wearing a blue coat?
Ghost Capture Request The Ghost Tenant Mamoru Shimazu 80,000 80
I heard a rumor that a ghost appears in the apartment I plan to move in next month. No one said anything about that in the lease. Please capture the ghost to prove the place is haunted! Please come to Quadra Garden on the first floor of Hotel New Deborah at night. I'll be waiting, wearing a hoodie with a heart-mark on it.
Background Investigation of My Son's Wife The Devil Wife Shizue Kuwayama 80,000 100
Please investigate whether or not my son's wife is trying to kill my son. Ever since my son got married, he's been struck with no shortage of misfortunes. I'm suspecting the wife has something to do with it. I'll be waiting at Café Alps, wearing a pink coat and jeans.


  • Many folders in the office have the year 2005 written on them, the year the first Yakuza game was released in Japan.