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The Geomijul (거미줄, Geomijul/コミジュル, Komijuru) is a Korean-Japanese criminal organization operating out of Isezaki Ijincho, Yokohama. It is featured in Yakuza: Like a Dragon as one of the three member organizations of the Ijin Three, and also plays a minor role in Lost Judgment.


A part of the Ijin Three, Geomijul was formed by Seong-hui, a professional forger who previously worked for the Jingweon Mafia. Seong-hui and all the other initial members of the Geomijul were former Jingweon exiles who'd found safety and community in Yokohama, but who couldn't find employment outside the criminal world because of their past in the mafia. Based in Ijincho's Koreatown, the organization specializes in intelligence, serving as the balancer between Seiryu Clan and Yokohama Liumang. The Geomijul uses an extensive network of surveillance cameras and spies posted all over Ijincho to gather intel and sell it to anyone who can pay. They also use their intelligence network to maintain peace within Ijincho's criminal underworld.

The Geomijul also forms part of the secret counterfeiting operation run by the Ijin Three. During the 1950's; when the tensions between the Seiryu Clan and the Yokohama Liumang threatened to escalate into a gang war, local politician Yutaka Ogikubo proposed a business deal to both groups' leaders: They would use 10,000 yen bill plates which Ogikubo had acquired to start counterfeiting money and split the proceeds between all three of them. This arrangement made Ogikubo wealthy enough to finance his rise to power within his political party and it created a business so lucrative that the Seiryu and Liumang could not go to war with each other, lest they put an end to the counterfeiting. However, due to the need for absolute secrecy in creating counterfeit money, only the top members of the Seiryu and the Liumang were allowed to know about it; meaning that the groups' leaders needed to pretend that they were still constantly on the brink of war. When the Geomijul became a third powerful force in Ijincho during the late-2000's, they too were brought into the counterfeiting scheme in order to maintain the peace in Yokohama, with the production of bills being transferred to them.

The Geomijul's stronghold and base of operations is a dilapidated building complex with massive tangles of electrical cables running through the structures, which are used to leech electricity off surrounding businesses. These cables feed the base with power necessary to maintain their 24-hour surveillance system and the counterfeiting machinery. Apart from stolen electricity, the base also has a number of windmills to generate power for their living quarters. Due to this web of cables, the base came to earn the nickname of "The Spider's Web"; which also gave the group its name, as Geomijul is Korean for "spider's web".

The Geomijul's primary form of attire is same as Jingweon Mafia - combat boots and dark military clothing. However, the Geomijul's members also wear Hahoetal masks to hide their faces while outside the Spider Web.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon[]

Ichiban Kasuga, Yu Nanba, Koichi Adachi, and Saeko Mukoda are led by Seong-hui to the Geomijul headquarters for proof that Akira Mabuchi had betrayed Tianyou Zhao. They were also led there because Seong-hui wanted to confront Nanba, who had been spying on the Geomijul. Nanba asks for information on his brother Nanba, who he believes was captured by the Geomijul, but Seong-hui refuses, as it would divulge the existence of the Geomijul sanctuary. This causes a fight to ensue, with Kasuga and co. ensuring Nanba escaped safely.

Nanba would inform Bleach Japan of the Geomijul's secret, causing Ryo Aoki to provide Hajime Ogasawara with Omi Alliance men to help with raiding the Geomijul, one of them being Reiji Ishioda. When Ogikubo is informed of this, he orders the counterfeiting operation to be shut down. Seong-hui decides to burn the equipment as to bury any evidence that could implicate Ogikubo, and she goes as far as to bow to ask for Kasuga's help in exchange for forgiving Nanba. They hold off the Omi until the equipment is successfully burned.

The Geomijul begin to rebuild afterward and they are able to reactivate part of their information network. This allows them to locate Mirror Face, and find information on the man who wanted to know the assassin's whereabouts, Kazuma Kiryu.


Lost Judgment[]

At one point, Makoto Tsukumo remarks that the Geomijul are a very secretive and low-profile bunch.

Towards the end of the game, a sighting of Jin Kuwana is reported in Geomijul territory. Takayuki Yagami and Fumiya Sugiura sneak past the police searching for the wanted Kuwana, enter the Geomijul, and defeat Kuwana's pursuers. Then, a masked Geomijul member appears to explain the situation. The Geomijul have been previous clients of Kuwana's, but this time he requested a favor from them. He had them put out the fake eyewitness report so that Kuwana could observe who his enemy was and how they'd respond. The masked member then states that Kuwana had already given Yagami clearance to meet him at his true location - the Yokohama Liumang hideout under Tesso's protection, and then guided Yagami to a secret escape route that would allow him to return to the city undetected by the RK and police. The masked member warned Yagami and Sugiura that they may not return alive if they ever were to return to Geomijul territory.


Yakuza: Like a Dragon[]