The Go-Ryu Clan (郷龍会, Goryu-kai) are a yakuza family and subsidiary to the Omi Alliance.


Based out of Sotenbori, Osaka, the Go-Ryu Clan are one of the most prominent organizations within the Omi Alliance. Its first patriarch, Jin Goda, rose through the Alliance ranks to become its 5th Chairman. After growing too old to run both the Omi and his own family, Jin Goda ceded his position of Go-Ryu Patriarch to his adoptive son, Ryuji Goda.

Ryuji would go onto be largely insubordinate to his father, frequently utilizing the might of the Go-Ryu to further his own interests despite his father's orders. In 2005, he formed a pact with the corrupt MIA director, Kyohei Jingu, to destroy the Tojo Clan in order to allow the Omi Alliance to steal Tokyo from them. This plot was ultimately foiled by the intervention of Kazuma Kiryu.

The following year, on Ryuji's orders, Go-Ryu assassins would kill the 5th Chairman of the Tojo, Yukio Terada, to provoke a war between the Omi and the Tojo. When this did not materialize due to Jin Goda's refusal to allow another war between the two clans, Ryuji staged a coup against his own father so that he could become the Omi's 6th Chairman and lead them Alliance in a new war against the Tojo. Though the coup did not fully succeed in unifying the Omi beneath Ryuji's banner, it did give him the freedom to stage an independent attack on Tokyo using the Go-Ryu Clan's might. Ryuji's invasion of Tokyo would ultimately fail and lead to both his demise and the death of his father.

After the failed war against the Tojo, the Go-Ryu Clan's fate remains ambiguous. It's not confirmed in the games whether the organization was disbanded or simply became too weakened that they stopped being relevant in the upper-echelons of the Omi Alliance.


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