That's right. I ain't Goro Majima right now. The butterfly that dances in the night... The serpent that tempts men... Her name's Goromi. Remember it.

Goromi (ゴロ美) is a character featured in Yakuza Kiwami's Majima Everywhere system and the protagonist of the The Butterfly That Dances in the Night event in Ryu ga Gotoku Online. She is a hostess at Club Shine and Goro Majima's drag persona.

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Goromi wears a pink snakeskin bodycon dress and matching hotpants, along with a pair of fishnet stockings and hot pink pumps. She wears a large bow made of the same material to tie up her blonde hair. She also has an assortment of bangles and other gaudy jewelery, including a necklace and hoop earrings. Her nails are painted pink with a glittery floral pattern.

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Goromi shares many of the same personality traits as Majima, and appears to retain Majima's overly-blunt, crass nature, as well as his Kansai accent, though she usually talks with an exaggeratedly feminine voice. She, like Majima, is not fond of dishonesty, and angrily tells Kiryu off for "playing hard to get." She cares more about physical prowess than appearance, money, or intelligence, saying that "a man's not a man at all if he ain't strong."

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Yakuza Kiwami: 1995-2005 Edit

Nishida contacts Kiryu via text informing him of a hostess raising hell at Club Shine, who is demanding to see Kiryu and won't leave until she does. Upon arrival, Kiryu discovers that the hostess is in fact Goro Majima, whom Kiryu recognizes immediately. 

Instead of the reaction that Goromi had anticipated (a fistfight), Kiryu agrees to talk with her instead.

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"Back in the day, I was livin' clean, y'know? It was after I got the boot. All part of my tragic-ass backstory." I can't even imagine... +Hostess Heart Half
Better than doing time. -Hostess Heart Half
I know the feeling. +Hostess Heart Full
"Eh? Ain't it obvious? When a lady and a man get together, if they ain't fightin', they ain't doin' it right! Am I right!?" There are other things... -Hostess Heart Half
You must have a lot of break-ups. +Hostess Heart Half
Want me to fight you? +Hostess Heart Full
"Why don't ya try your hand at runnin' one some day? It's a lot of fun when ya find yourself on the other side of the table. Puts bein' a customer in perspective." I prefer being a customer. -Hostess Heart Half
I'd rather be a hostess. +Hostess Heart Full
Maybe if I had the chance. +Hostess Heart Half
"I know just the thing. Since you're so lonely right now, I'm gonna give ya a hand!" I don't need a woman. -Hostess Heart Half
What about you? +Hostess Heart Half
Sounds good. +Hostess Heart Full

Trivia Edit

  • Goromi says that she had her outfit specially made for Kiryu.
  • Goromi's outfit bears a close resemblance in style and material to Hibiki's outfit.
    • Her hairstyle and earrings are very similar to Honoka's.
  • The kanji  in Goromi's name means beauty.

Unused Audio Clips Edit

Goromi has several unused voice clips found in Yakuza Kiwami's game files:

Domo goro desu
(Introduction as "Goro" instead of "Goromi")
Kiryu-chan no ecchi
(Calling Kiryu "naughty")

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