Granny White is a recurring character in the Yakuza series. She is a master of the White Lotus school of spear-fighting, as well as being proficient in the Shaolin kung-fu for unarmed combat.

Background Edit

As a martial arts master of the White Lotus style, Granny White taught Lau Ka Long of the Snake Flower Triad. After she refused to accept him as her successor however, she incurred the wrath of the triad.

Yakuza 2/Yakuza Kiwami 2Edit

Kazuma Kiryu assists Granny White in fights against the Snake Flower Triad. Kiryu also helps show the Osaka native around Kamurocho.

Yakuza 3Edit

After Kiryu beats Shoji Yonashiro in fights with Nunchaku, Tonfa, and Kali Sticks, Yonashiro says that he is going to seek Granny White in Osaka for training in long weapons.


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