Gyoza no Ohsho is a gyoza restaurant chain located in Tsukimino in Yakuza 5.

Menus Edit

Yakuza 5 Edit

Image Name (¥) XP Ability Description
Y5 FD GNO Gyoza
Gyoza 231
Y5 FD Ability Spr
This is Gyoza no Ohsho's namesake and masterpiece! Our individually handmade gyoza are fried crispy outside, juicy inside.
Fried Rice 420
Y5 FD Ability Spr
An old standard with egg, sliced roast pork, Welsh onions, and rice fried up with amazing spices that ramp up the flavor.
Y5 FD GNO Kimchee
Kimchee Fried Rice 472
Y5 FD Ability Spr
Kimchee is added to our standard fried rice for a spiciness that whets the appetite and leaves you wanting more.
Y5 FD GNO Crab
Crab Omelet on Rice 462
Y5 FD Ability Str
This addictively delicious dish features egg and crab meat cooked together and topped with your choice of sauce.
Y5 FD GNO Rice
Chinese Rice Plate 462
Y5 FD Ability Spr
This dish features a sauce made with a special soup of flavorful seafood and vegetables.
Y5 FD GNO Ramen
Ohsho Ramen 472
Y5 FD Ability Str
Ohsho's special soup made from slow-simmered pork bone stock and soy sauce makes this ramen out of this world.
Y5 FD GNO Yaki
Yakisoba (Sauce Flavored) 472
Y5 FD Ability Str
Plenty of healthy vegetables, al dente noodles, and our special flavorful sauce make this yakisoba out of this world.
Y5 FD GNO Sour
Sweet-and-Sour Pork 525
Y5 FD Ability Fcs
Pork and vinegar make this dish tasty and healthy. The colorful vegetables and pork are a sight to see, and a delight to eat.
Sweet Vinegar Meatballs 525
Y5 FD Ability Spr
These juicy meatballs fried in sweet vinegar will leave you wanting more of their sweet and sour goodness.
Y5 FD GNO Chop
Chop Suey 525
Y5 FD Ability Fcs
This dish is packed with fresh, crunchy vegetables and the bounty of the sea, and a thick, piping hot ankake sauce seals the deal.
Y5 FD GNO Shrimp
Shrimp in Chili Sauce 630
Y5 FD Ability Spr
Sweet, plump shrimp and a spicy chili sauce are a match made in heaven. Goes perfectly with bowl after bowl of rice.
Fried Chicken 525
Y5 FD Ability Str
Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. Comes with a salt-and-spice mix that you can sprinkle on to taste.
Y5 FD GNO Tulip
"Tulip" Deep-Fried Chicken Wings 504
Y5 FD Ability Str
Fried up fresh, these chicken wings make a great snack or the centerpiece of an entire meal.


  • Gyoza no Ohsho is a real-life Japanese restaurant chain.
  • The interior is made up of pre-rendered background sprites.


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