The Hakuho Clan (白峯会, Hakuhō-kai) is a subsidiary family of the Tojo Clan. It is headed by its founder and chairman, Yoshitaka Mine. The clan's headquarters are located in Minato, Tokyo.

Overview Edit

The formation of the Hakuho Clan was officiated in mid-to-late-2007. It is a considerable force within the Tojo Clan by 2009, as the Tojo's main source of income, with nearly enough men in its ranks to rival the Nishikiyama Family. According to Makoto Date, the majority of the Hakuho's income comes from white-collar crime: insider trading, fraud, stock market manipulation, real estate investment schemes, etc.

As it's revealed towards the end of the game, after CIA agents Joji Kazama and Andre Richardson shot Daigo Dojima after they failed to convince him to proceed with the Okinawa resort deal the Tojo Clan had abandoned in late 2008, they instead turned to Mine and the Hakuho Clan. By telling Mine that the resort deal would bring the Tojo the billions and billions of yen they needed to finalize Daigo's plans to restore the Clan to its former stability and power, they convinced him to use the Hakuho Clan's resources and political connections to push the deal through the Japanese Diet.

Ultimately, however, the deal would fail to go through due to Kazuma Kiryu's intervention and Mine would eventually kill himself to save Daigo from a vengeful Agent Richardson. Due to the void in leadership left by the death of its chairman, the Hakuho Clan was dissolved by 2010.

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Hakuho" is derived from on'yomi readings of the kanji (haku, lit. "white") and the kanji for Yoshitaka Mine's surname ().


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