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"My dream was to become a star. But there's something I want even more than that. I want to live a happy life with the people I hold closest. Standing on this stage, I've finally realized how important that is. That's why I can't continue singing. To me, Kazuma Kiryu is... family."

— Haruka during her idol debut in Yakuza 5 Remastered

Haruka Sawamura (澤村 遥, Sawamura Haruka) is a main character in the Yakuza series. She is the adoptive niece and daughter of Kazuma Kiryu, whom she first meets and becomes close to during the events of Yakuza/Yakuza Kiwami when Kiryu helps her to locate her missing mother when she is 9. She would continue to feature subsequently in Yakuza 2/Yakuza Kiwami 2, Yakuza 3 and Yakuza 4. In Yakuza 5, she is now an idol, and appears as one of the five playable protagonists. She is a central character in Yakuza 6.

For most of the series during and after Yakuza 3, Haruka resides in Okinawa at the Morning Glory Orphanage along with eight other children Kiryu has taken in. She acts as an elder sister figure to the rest of the kids.



Haruka's appearance changes significantly throughout the series as she ages where she is first seen as a young pre-teen girl with straight shoulder-length black hair that is held back by red barrettes on the left side with bangs swept to the right side and dark brown eyes. In subsequent games, she grows her hair out long enough to reach her chest in Yakuza 3, growing it out further and tying it back into a ponytail in Yakuza 5 onwards.


Haruka's casual attire tends to consist of a red and white color scheme, consistent with Kazuma Kiryu's maroon and gray color scheme.

In Yakuza/Kiwami she wears a plain white hoodie and red pleated skirt with short black boots.

In Yakuza 2/Kiwami 2, she wears a striped red and white full-sleeved shirt beneath a hooded white vest. She also wears a jean skirt and a pair of white and black sneakers, changed to tan suede short boots in Kiwami 2.

In Yakuza 3, she has settled into her new life in Okinawa and is seen in a red tank-top with a white tank-top over it, slightly worn jean shorts, and pink sandals. When in Kamurocho, she wears a white jacket with red highlights over (presumably) the same shirt from Yakuza 2/Kiwami 2, jean shorts, black knee-high socks and brown boots.

In Yakuza 4, as she is now in middle school, she wears a navy blue sailor fuku which has a short sleeved white shirt and red scarf. Depending on where she is, she wears either her pink sandals or navy blue knee-high socks with white sneakers. A variant of this uniform has a full-sleeved deep blue shirt with black shoes, which she wears late in Yakuza 4 and in Yakuza: Dead Souls.

In Yakuza 5, Haruka wears a white hoodie half-zipped over a red shirt, her upper body attire being a lighter and more casual version of Kiryu's classic gray suit. She wears a pair of laced brown leather boots and a short jean skirt with black tights underneath. During dance practice, she wears a black tank top with a white shirt over it that has four pictures on it, black trousers with yellow stripes on the side, and matching black shoes. When doing work for her agency, she wears a full-sleeved striped black and red shirt, a thin silver chain necklace with a small gemstone hanging from it, light-gray shorts with black tights underneath, and heeled brown short boots. Haruka also has a variety of Idol costumes that she wears during her performances for both the Princess League and her debut concert, with four different on-stage costumes plus three climax heat variants.

In Yakuza 6, Haruka's standard attire is almost identical to how it was in Yakuza 5, with her tights now being swapped out for white crew socks. During her hospital stay, she wears a pink hospital uniform with gray socks. When taken to the warehouse, she is given a gray full-sleeved sweater over it and teal slippers.


Even as a young child, Haruka is a calm and level-headed girl who is often acting as a grounding force for her foster father, Kazuma Kiryu. Despite her age, Kiryu commonly leans on her for support with the other children at the orphanage. She is incredibly self-reliant and mature, seeking out work in order to help support her adoptive family, running errands on her own, cooking meals, and picking up the slack where Kiryu falls short, but still relying on him for certain matters. Her maturity extends to aspects of the nightlife, such as teasing Kiryu and Makoto Date by pretending to not know what a "soapland" is.

She can be shy and doesn't always get on well with children her own age due to her maturity. Her closest relationships tend to be with older paternal figures such as Kiryu and Shun Akiyama, though she latches onto maternal figures such as Mirei Park and Kaoru Sayama just as easily. She further expresses her inability to easily make friends her own age when she moves to Sotenbori in Yakuza 5, though it is also in part due to her growing fame.

Haruka is normally quite selfless - one of many ways she takes after Kiryu - though she does display her more selfish, bratty side several times, often relative to whenever Kiryu is faced with leaving her behind. She tends to make reckless decisions to be with those she considers family, such as running away from Sunflower Orphanage and going to Kamurocho to find her mother, or getting caught up in a fake credit card scheme due to believing Morning Glory was in danger of missing rent.

She is observant, and quick to pick up on subtleties, and usually able to tell if people are lying, which could be a result of the trauma she has experienced throughout her life. In spite of this, her optimistic outlook on life is a huge draw for others and gains the admiration of many during her brief stint as an idol.


Haruka was born to Yumi Sawamura and Kyohei Jingu in 1996. She survived an early attempt on her and Yumi's lives, and grew up away from her parents in the safety of Sunflower Orphanage.


Yakuza/Yakuza Kiwami: 1995-2005[]

Haruka is first seen observing a new report about a fight during the Tojo chairman's funeral in the aftermath of 10 billion yen being stolen from the clan before wandering off once more in the streets of Kamurocho. That night, she ends up in the aftermath of a massacre in a bar called Bacchus and is trembling while clutching a gun when Kiryu finds her and learns she has been searching for her mother. They both leave before the police arrive and witness some punks abusing a dog. Kiryu silently reassures Haruka before beating them up, after which Haruka takes the dog and persuades Kiryu to help him. She reveals she was wandering the streets all day and snuck out of her orphanage before fainting from the shock and fatigue catching up to her. Kiryu carries her over to Serena where, after waking up, she is introduced to Reina and reveals she was in Sunflower Orphanage and her mother is Mizuki, whom evidence seems to indicate is Yumi's younger sister. She also reveals her knowledge of Ares, the bar Kiryu was looking for, through the letters her aunt Yumi would bring her, and is now in Kiryu's tentative custody.

The two head for the Millenium Tower, but are briefly stopped by an officer whom Haruka convinces to let them go. Haruka inputs a code from the letters to allow the elevator to reach the top floor where the bar is located, as it is currently closed down, and shows Kiryu a pendant she received from Yumi the last time they met. There, they are confronted by Hiroshi Hayashi and members of the Omi Alliance, who reveal they are after the girl. Haruka is left with Makoto Date in Serena while Kiryu goes to look for the Florist of Sai. The two are later walking around when Majima Family members kidnap her and shoot Date. They take her to the Yoshida Batting Center and lock her in a dark room, where a mysterious man unties her while Goro Majima and his subordinates fight Kiryu outside and tells her to pass on a message to Kiryu. Afterwards, back at Serena, she states that she was told the pendant is worth 10 billion yen.

While Haruka sleeps, Date and Kiryu discuss a photo of a dead body with signs that it's Mizuki and leave for more information. When she wakes up and they return, Haruka is upset that they continued the search without her and demands answers, but receives a slap when she accuses Kiryu of only caring about finding the missing 10 billion yen. Fed up with their secrecy, Haruka leaves the pendant with them and runs off, eventually getting kidnapped by men of an unknown organization and taken to Stardust. There, the mysterious men exchange Haruka for her pendant and Date, knowing the men won't spare them, grabs Haruka and gets her out of the way, but a bullet grazes her arm. When the fighting is over, Haruka apologizes to Kiryu for running off, who apologizes in return for his secrecy and lets her know her mother is dead. Afterwards, they head to Purgatory to visit their new lodging before a brief stop at a hidden gambling hall, where Haruka's luck causes to dealer to use loaded dice, causing a scene when the cheating is exposed. Haruka is left at Purgatory with Date while Kiryu meets Akira Nishikiyama for the first time in ten years.

Not long after, Haruka tells Date she thinks she should go away because she feels she's causing Kiryu trouble and because since her mother's dead, there's no longer any reason for her to stay. Just then, the bathroom entrance is bombed and Haruka is kidnapped for the third time, now by Bloody Eye with assistance from Blue Z and White Edge. It is also revealed that the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Division One has her listed as a kidnapping victim. Bloody Eye takes her to Lau Ka Long of the Snake Flower Triad in Yokohama and her pendant is sold to Nishikiyama. After Lau states he knows Haruka's true value, Kiryu defeats him and rescues her, but is arrested by Junichi Sudo for kidnapping. Haruka visits Kiryu in his cell and says she wanted to be with him but didn't want to cause more trouble, but Kiryu states she hasn't been a problem. Date frees him and all of them flee by car, at which point he reveals the mysterious men in Stardust were connected to Kyohei Jingu but hasn't found any link between him and Haruka, and that the body from earlier wasn't Mizuki according to dental records. Kiryu declares to Haruka that she will see her mother, and he will protect her at all costs. They are then attacked on the highway by Snake Flower members but are able to successfully escape.

The three head to Purgatory and find out from the Florist that Reina had been leaking information to Nishikiyama before heading to Serena. Haruka stays behind with Date in the trashed bar and eventually returns to Purgatory with Date and Kiryu after Shinji and Reina are laid to rest there. Then, they discuss their next move; a lead from Shinji on about a woman named Akemi in a soapland called Shangri-La. Haruka takes this opportunity to fluster the three men by asking what a soapland is, knowing the answer already. Kiryu gets a membership card and later takes Haruka with him to Shangri-La, where the receptionist is reluctant to let a nine-year-old girl in, but drops the subject after an impatient Kiryu shatters the nearby statue. They reach Akemi's room and learn Kazama's whereabouts and that a man named Terada is their ally but are interrupted by Majima raiding the place. Following the events, the two decide to head to Shibaura Wharf where Kazama is located.

At the wharf, Haruka recognizes Terada as the man who saved her at the batting center. She then meets Kazama, who tells both of them that her parents are Yumi and Jingu, and fills them in on what Yumi did in the past decade. With assistance from Sera and Kazama, Yumi took on "Mizuki" as a fake identity and hid Haruka in Sunflower to keep her safe from Jingu, who wanted both of them dead. The Shimano Family arrives to kill them and take Haruka, but are repelled with assistance from Osamu Kashiwagi and the Kazama Family, though Kazama dies after shielding Haruka from a grenade Shimano had thrown, but not before revealing Yumi's voluntary involvement in the 10 billion yen theft.

Back in Kamurocho, Kiryu re-states his intention to protect Haruka no matter what before fighting through the Nishikiyama Family to reach the Millennium Tower, where Kiryu fights the MIA while Haruka hides. They eventually reach the top floor where Haruka finally reunites with Yumi, now with the knowledge that she is actually her mother. Yumi apologizes to Haruka for putting her through so much. Shortly after, Jingu arrives via helicopter to deal with them, but Kiryu takes a bullet to the shoulder meant for Haruka and Yumi reveals a bomb to stop Jingu from going any further before they both go back indoors. Nishikiyama enters the fray following Jingu's defeat, but is defeated by Kiryu. After Yumi plants the bomb to destroy Jingu's money, Kiryu is shot in the leg by Jingu, but before he can shoot again, Haruka stands in front of the way, though it is Yumi who takes the bullet after running in front of both of them. Nishikiyama pushes Jingu into the vault with his money before he can finish off Kiryu and detonates the bomb, killing Jingu and himself. Yumi says her last words before she bleeds out, with Haruka crying out for her as she passes. Police surround them with the intention to arrest Kiryu, who is okay with it until Date arrives and convinces him he still has Haruka left to live for. He heads to the Tojo Clan headquarters to complete the clan rituals and hand over his position as chairman, after which he says farewell to Date. Kiryu had decided to take in Haruka and raise her as his own daughter. The two walk off and start their new life together.

Yakuza 2/Yakuza Kiwami 2: 2006[]

Kiryu and Haruka have been living peacefully in Tokyo for the past year. On the anniversary of the 10 billion yen incident, they visit the graves of their loved ones who died in the chaos, with Haruka telling Yumi that she has now learned to cook and shop for herself. Their prayers are interrupted by the now-Fifth Chairman of the Tojo Clan, Yukio Terada, seeking Kiryu's advice. After Terada is shot by Omi Alliance members, she accompanies Kiryu in the ambulance, where he "dies" from his wounds. Understanding that her adoptive father's sense of duty is calling him to action, she says she will stay in Sunflower Orphanage for the time being, asking him to come back for her when he's done.

Days later, Toranosuke Sengoku, Patriarch of the Omi Alliance's Sengoku Family, finds her and has her kidnapped in a scheme to eliminate Kiryu. Kiryu goes up Osaka Castle to save her, fighting though various enemies including tigers, but Ryuji Goda unexpectedly comes in to kill Sengoku, acknowledging that the latter had played too dirty by involving Haruka. Kiryu unties her and apologizes for putting her in trouble again, but Haruka simply shakes her head. Kiryu keels over, and Kaoru Sayama arrives to help him, telling Haruka about his wound and expressing gratitude at her safety.

The group heads to Aoi, where Kiryu's wound is tended to and Kaoru leaves to find her mother figure Tamiyo Sayama after seeing a note from her. As this is Haruka's first time in Kansai, Kiryu takes her around Sotenbori, eventually seeing a famous celebrity. The producer she was talking with, who is the president of Sotenbori Productions, notices Haruka as someone with great potential to be a star and gives Kiryu his number. Later, the producer calls Kiryu and invites him for a chat. The two head over to the office and Haruka waits outside until a rival agency tries to sign her on, bringing Kiryu outside to fight them. Afterwards, she learns that Kiryu is about to sign a deal with the producer for her to become a star, but she is not happy with the decision. She tells Kiryu she doesn't want to be alone and is okay with the danger he'll put her in because he'll be there for her. They leave and return to Aoi but get the producer a substitute star to keep him away from them.

Sayama drives them to Kamurocho, with Kiryu sound asleep in the van. Haruka says she thinks Kiryu likes Sayama because he acts around her similar to how he acts around herself. They are interrupted by several trucks carrying Jingweon members chasing after them, Kiryu leaving the van to fight them off while Sayama drives Haruka away from them. They arrive in Kamurocho and leave Haruka in Serena to take care of business in the Millennium Tower. Afterwards, she waits in the Kamurocho Hills construction site for Kiryu to pick her up and the two spend some time together before she is left behind once again in Serena.

Haruka is present in the climax along with Makoto Date, who tries to get Kiryu off Kamurocho Hills with a helicopter, but are forced to leave when they realize there isn't enough time before the bomb explodes. When everyone realizes that the bomb on the Hills was never activated to begin with, Haruka pays her respects at Terada's grave for sparing Kiryu.

Yakuza 3: 2007-2009[]

In January 2007, Kiryu and Haruka say their farewells to the friends they met over the past year before they move to Morning Glory Orphanage in Okinawa. There, Haruka takes on much of the responsibilities as the role of an older sister to the other orphans such as making sure everyone follows house rules or that Kiryu isn't bothered when he's cooking. One evening in the summer of 2007, Izumi is missing for dinner and Haruka checks inside the house while Kiryu looks around outside. She joins him on the beach and cheers up Izumi, then the three head back to eat and much to their surprise, see that the others waited to start.

In March 2008, Haruka shows Kiryu another eviction notice the orphanage received and points out that Ryudo Family members were spotted frequently around the orphanage. Kiryu concludes that they are the ones sending the notices and tells Haruka he will resolve the situation, then, he goes into town after them. Haruka later walks in on him watching a news report about proposed development projects by Yoshinobu Suzuki and Ryuzo Tamiya that require their land, and is worried about having to leave Okinawa, but Kiryu assures her they'll be staying. She also lets him know that Shiro seems troubled but won't talk to her. The next day, Kiryu lets her know Shiro will be okay when she returns from school and she prepares to get dinner ready but a family meeting regarding Ayako's money is called, with Haruka ensuring the discussions don't devolve into arguments until the issue is resolved, and handles making dinner in the evening when Rikiya takes Kiryu to rescue Saki.

One year later, in March 2009, Rikiya arrives at the orphanage with news that their boss, Shigeru Nakahara, has been shot. She accompanies him and Kiryu to the hospital, where she learns from Saki that the shooter looks exactly like Kiryu's foster father Shintaro Kazama, and had also shot Daigo Dojima. She joins Kiryu on the beach that night after the others go to sleep and asks if he will go to Kamurocho to resolve the matter. She offers to take care of Saki while Nakahara is in the hospital and Kiryu is away, and Kiryu also entrusts Rikiya to her, saying Kamurocho is too dangerous for him (Though he would end up following Kiryu anyway). The next day, after playing baseball with the others and a boy named Akira, Haruka brings Saki to the orphanage and gives Kiryu a plane ticket, then, the two go to town for some shopping before he leaves.

Haruka, along with the other orphans and the Ryudo Family, greet Kiryu when he returns. She also watches the wrestling exhibition match he and Rikiya set up for Taichi, who is currently recovering from an allergic reaction. Later, she starts acting suspicious and walks around town talking to shady men. At dinnertime, she has made sukiyaki for everyone before going into town again and talking to the same shady men. Kiryu interferes and learns that Haruka had involved herself in an illegal counterfeit operation because she overheard Rikiya and Mikio discussing financial issues, but they clarify they meant their family office, not Morning Glory. They head back to the orphanage and after Haruka takes a bath, Kiryu discusses their shared worries over Ayako's doormat tendencies. The following day, a family meeting is called when Ayako runs off and Haruka gets the others to create cards as a way to apologize to Ayako for being ungrateful while Kiryu finds and brings her back.

Kiryu leaves the orphanage to confront Joji Kazama, during which the orphanage is attacked by Yoshitaka Mine and the Tamashiro Family of the Tojo Clan. Haruka attempts to protect the others and slaps Mine for his disparaging remarks about their adoptive father, but she is slapped and knocked over in return. She and the others can only watch as their home is demolished and Mikio becomes severely injured. Later, when Kiryu returns and Mikio is sent to the hospital, she is relieved to receive news that he will pull through. After Kiryu returns from dealing with the Tamashiro family, she joins him in his high-speed flight to Kamurocho. When they arrive at the Tenkaichi Street gate, Haruka asks him why he brought her along despite the nature of his business before correctly guessing that Kiryu doesn't expect himself surviving this time. She embraces him and thanks him for bringing her along before she is left in Serena with Makoto Date. She later accompanies Joji in a helicopter to the roof of Touto University Hospital, where Kiryu was fighting.

After Kiryu defeats Mine, he sees off Yuya and Kazuki while Haruka waits past Theatre Square when he is suddenly met with a weathered Goh Hamazaki. While Kiryu attempts to talk sense into Hamazaki, the latter suddenly stabs him in the gut and becomes immediately restrained by the two hosts. Kiryu is treated for his injury and the two return to the rebuilt Morning Glory Orphanage, but Haruka is left traumatized by his near-death experience.

Yakuza 4: 2010[]

A year later and now attending junior high school, Haruka continues to be one of the main caretakers for the children at Morning Glory. One day while taking Mame for a walk, she discovers Taiga Saejima, an escaped convict purportedly responsible for the Ueno Seiwa Clan massacre that resulted in 18 men killed, washed up on the beach near the orphanage after his escape, and tends to his injuries along with Kiryu. When he wakes up, Haruka goes to call for Kiryu, but Saejima tries to stop her but accidentally falls on top of her. She leaves to get some groceries when Kiryu enters the room.

She returns and witnesses Kiryu and Saejima fight, her attempt at trying to stop them ending with her being knocked over. When she hears the name "Hamazaki" mentioned after Saejima's injuries cause him to keel over, her trauma from the stabbing last year resurfaces and she expresses her doubts as to whether Saejima, who introduced himself as "Suzuki", is trustworthy or not. Kiryu convinces her that a lot can change in a year and he would help anyone, including Hamazaki, as long as they were good people. Kiryu leaves under the pretense of shopping, telling her to give "Suzuki" a bag he supposedly found on the beach. At around 3 AM, Haruka gives "Suzuki" the bag, who is moved by its contents and proceeds to continue his journey. Haruka tells him he should stay as he is still injured, but the man continues, telling her his real name before departing. Kiryu returns shortly after empty-handed, telling her she was right about all the shops being closed at this time. Haruka lies down, confused by his actions.

After Hamazaki washes up on the Morning Glory Beach and approaches the orphanage, Haruka sees him while leaving, terrified and her truma surfacing. She eavesdrops on Kiryu and Hamazaki after the former tended to the latter's wounds about the 10 billion yen that her biological father Jingu stole 5 years ago. When Kiryu introduces Hamazaki to the children, she tells him to stay away, showing hostility and not having forgotten what took place the previous year. Hamazaki agrees with her assessment of him being a bad man and keeps his distance, and Haruka runs off to the beach in disbelief of Kiryu forgiving him so easily. There, after Kiryu catches up to her, she tries to dissuade him from going to Tokyo, telling him she is not interested in the truth behind the 10 billion yen incident and just wants him to be safe. Hamazaki assures her that Kiryu will be staying and the two go to the police station so Hamazaki can turn himself in, but the events that play out cause Kiryu to leave for Tokyo anyway.

Later, when Hamazaki was shot in the back, Haruka attends him in the hospital, suspecting he was injured helping her adoptive father. He requests she tells Kiryu and Saejima to "protect the Tojo Clan from the police". Haruka calls Kiryu and passes on the message to him, also asking if her suspicions were correct. Kiryu confirms they were, and she expresses regret at having been so distrusting of him.

She is seen with Kiryu at the end of the game in front of the Tojo Clan headquarters before he accompanies Saejima for the inauguration ceremony of the Saejima Family. At some point around this time, she would become acquainted with Shun Akiyama.

Yakuza 5: 2011-2012[]

In early summer 2011, Haruka overhears the conversation between Kiryu and Mirei Park, who is trying to recruit her into her idol company Dyna Chair. Kiryu is persuaded to let Haruka join, on the condition that he leaves the orphanage and they both keep Haruka's past and any involvement with him hidden from public knowledge, and with the assurance that she will take care of the orphanage after his departure. Haruka says she wants to stay and pleads for Kiryu not to leave. After he tries and fails to dodge her questions by saying everyone is growing up, he lets Haruka know that the other orphans are willing to drop out of school to find work to allow Morning Glory Orphanage to stay afloat, but he does not want them to make that sacrifice. Touched by everyone's feelings, Haruka relents and decides to go along with Park. In mid-2012, Kiryu eventually moves to Nagasugai and Haruka heads out to Sotenbori to become an idol.

By December 2012, Haruka becomes one of the finalists of the Princess League competition after a mere six months of being an idol, along with T-Set, an idol duo. She wins the first round after days of training and practicing, and continues to attend various events to increase her popularity. She makes a friend in Akari Natsukawa, who actually wanted to have an idol as a friend. As the second round nears, Park fires Haruka's dance coach Kan Ogita for standing up to her increasing demands. She finds her new dance coach Christina and proves herself to him after having a dance battle with Akari, who also wanted to learn from him but failed to prove herself. She later strengthens her bond with Park, going out shopping, playing arcade games, and being entrusted with her pen and a letter from her ex-husband, who turns out to be Goro Majima.

Shortly before the second round begins, Park is found dead due to an apparent suicide. While mourning, Shun Akiyama arrives to ask her for more details and the two recognize each other. After explaining her situation, she asks to join Akiyama in his investigation. They uncover the foul play behind her death, learning that her former dance coach Ogita did indeed kill her and her suicide note was forged. When Akiyama fights Kamon Kanai, she throws a fire extinguisher at him and throws another one to Akiyama for assistance.

Haruka continues to participate in the Princess League competition, eventually winning and earning the opportunity to perform at the Tokyo Dome. After the concert, she is kidnapped by Kanai to information about Park's letter and is saved by Naoki Katsuya before he gets the chance to harm her, and Katsuya returns her to Dyna Chair after she passes out. After regaining consciousness, she gets a call from Katsuya asking for the letter Park gave her. After Katsuya threatens the orphanage, she is willing to meet up with him at Shin-Osaka station and give up the letter if he is alone, but suddenly encounters Kanai, who went against Katsuya's orders to stay behind. Akiyama saves Haruka and the pair return to Kamurocho.

After a rescheduling and planning to perform along with T-Set as the idol group Dream Line, she continues her training regimen. The day before the concert, Shigeki Baba interrupts a session and asks to see Haruka, and relays a message from Kiryu to her. When asked why Haruka had no qualms about listening to a stranger like him, she simply replies that he looked like someone Kiryu would trust.

On the day of the concert, Haruka performs mostly uninhibited, not knowing that Tsubasa Kurosawa had hired Baba to assassinate her after Majima refused to do so on principle. During an intermission, she finds the conflict between the Tojo Clan and Omi Alliance unravelling, and spots Kiryu in a news broadcast. This changes her mind about continuing to be an idol. After debuting Dream Line's first song, she announces her retirement and reveals her past with Kiryu, unable to leave her family behind as she rises to success. Haruka leaves the Dome soon after and eventually finds Kiryu on a snowy road, nearly unconscious and severely battered from his fight with Masato Aizawa. They reunite for the first time in nearly two years, but Kiryu's wounds have already been opened for too long and he passes out.

Yakuza 6: 2012-2017[]

Immediately after Haruka finds Kiryu, she takes him to the Touto University Hospital, and waits in his room as they are visited by Akiyama. He warns her that retiring while revealing her past with Kiryu has strong implications for her future, and that the result would not be what she expected. Police then enter the room to arrest Kiryu. At New Serena, Haruka asks if Kiryu will have to go to prison again. Date says he can easily avoid jail time if he hires a lawyer, but they are doubtful he will do so. Haruka returns to Morning Glory Orphanage, but without Kiryu as he was sentenced to prison. Six months later, Haruka pays a visit to Kiryu, wishing the other orphans could join them but the cost was too high. He tells her he can make parole in three years. Haruka voices her discontent with having to be apart from him for so long and promises to keep her head up no matter what.

Back at the orphanage, a discussion of Mitsuo's scholarship doing background checks prompts Haruka to check the news. Much to her horror, the media has found where she lives and is now directing backlash towards the orphanage as well. Overwhelmed with guilt and regret, Haruka asks Kiryu how she should address this, but is unable to get an answer as he is currently imprisoned and unreachable. She decides to disappear. Late in the night, Ayako attempts to stop Haruka from leaving the orphanage, but Haruka says she wouldn't be able to forgive herself if her tarnished reputation held the others from their futures, lamenting the impact of her naivete. She falsely states she is moving closer to Kiryu before departing. Shortly after, she goes dark on social media and deactivates her phone plan to prevent anyone from tracking her down. Her efforts were successful as no further articles involving Morning Glory were published.

Haruka took a boat to Onomichi, Hiroshima, having nowhere else to go. Kiyomi Kasahara was the first to make contact with her and offered her a place to live as well as a part time job at Snack Kiyomi after seeing her so helpless. The townsfolk had taken a strong liking to her, always being on their best behavior when she was around and seeing her as important to the town, as such, they were kind enough to keep her past a secret from outsiders. She had a friendly relationship with the Hirose Family.

Around two years before the present time of December 2016, she stumbled upon Yuta Usami beating up a customer from the previous night. When asked why, he reveals to her the customer was a paparazzi stalking her for a while. Yuta destroys the camera and asks her to stay in Onomichi, as everyone knows her secret and will keep her safe, and hopes to see her around later.

Yuta and Haruka briefly dated afterward and conceived Haruto after sharing one night together. Shu Tatsukawa and Koji Masuzoe had been keeping tabs on Yuta, and pressured Haruka into an abortion when they suspected she was pregnant, causing her to learn Yuta was the backup heir to the Saio Triad. She rushed to patriarch Toru Hirose for help, asking him to make her disappear so she can give birth to her child away from the danger the Saio Triad posed, refusing to comply with their callous request. Hirose took her to a small village not far from Onomichi, and she told him she intended to return to Okinawa once she could confidently raise her child, feeling she could then face her family without shame.

During her time away from Okinawa, she would use payphones to call home every once in a while, still pretending to be in Tokyo. The calls stopped around the time Haruto was born.

Haruka managed to hide from the Saio Triad and the Yomei Alliance for roughly a year and a half until Tatsukawa found her and lured her to Kamurocho under the promise that he would help her regardless of his orders, however, he was actually planning to sell off Haruto to Tsuneo Iwami. Haruka arrived in Kamurocho on the same day as Kiryu, the two barely missing each other, and was not fully trusting of Tatsukawa. She refused to get into his car, and Tatsukawa tried to forcefully take Haruto from her. She responded by kicking him in the groin and running off. Tatsukawa followed her in his car, but lost control trying to avoid traffic and accidentally hit her, causing her to fall into a coma from her injuries, but leaving Haruto unscathed as she shielded him. Tatsukawa left them alone, thinking the crash killed both of them.

She is taken to Touto University Hospital and Jiro Honjo informs Date about the hit-and-run, who passes the information along to Kiryu. Her injuries were severe enough to require surgical treatment. The doctors are successful in saving her life, but she remains comatose. Kiryu takes Haruto in his care while Haruka recovers, trying to find more details about how she ended up in Kamurocho after being missing for the past three years. With a lead coming from a photo Haruka took in Onomichi according to GPS data, he starts his search there with Haruto in tow. Sometime during her treatment, she was moved to a police-owned hospital in order to ensure her safety, as Date had been getting calls from mysterious men wanting to see her after Kiryu's return to Kamurocho became known.

Her condition improves when Haruto is brought near her and she eventually wakes up from her coma with Yuta and Haruto present, Kiryu visiting her not long after in a teary reunion. Kiryu says he cannot bring himself to lecture her for disappearing after seeing her alive and well, and Haruka apologizes to him for running away. When Akiyama arrives and discusses the threats they have to face, Haruka asks if she is to blame for putting him in danger; Kiryu replies that the enemy is after him. Later, she affirms that Yuta is a good man, to which Kiryu says he knows, despite having to "convince" him to be a better father. When Kiryu needs to borrow Yuta for something, Haruka requests that he come back in one piece.

After Kiryu and Yuta leave, Haruka and Haruto get abducted by Honjo and policemen who were paid off by the Yomei Alliance to capture them. Date is unable to prevent them from taking her hostage and he is shot in the shoulder while Honjo is shot in the heart and killed. They are taken to a warehouse, where she is held at gunpoint and forced to watch Kiryu and Nagumo take a beating from Iwami and Katsumi Sugai for their safety. The remaining Hirose Family members arrive and free her, Yuta assuring Kiryu that they will keep Haruka and Haruto safe. Kiryu defeats Iwami and Sugai takes out a gun to kill them. Haruka protects Haruto and Yuta attempts to shield both on them, but Kiryu keeps them all safe and sustains grievous injuries in doing so. He tells Haruka to bring her new family happiness and passes out in Yuta's arms, with Haruka crying out for him.

One month later, Haruka has fully recovered and alongside Yuta and Haruto, is saying goodbye to the people of Onomichi, her adoptive father thought to be dead by everyone present. The couple promise to visit when they can and Haruka says she will never forget Kiryu before tearfully remarking that it is now her turn to give her son the same love Kiryu gave her. Now back in Okinawa, the couple and the other orphans of Morning Glory are watching Haruto walk. Haruto reaches out and Haruka turns her gaze to where he points, but turns back at him after seeing no one. Unbeknownst to them all, Kiryu had faked his death for their safety and was observing as well. She watches and cheers on Haruto taking his first steps towards his family as Kiryu takes his last steps away from them.

Other Media[]

Yakuza: Dead Souls[]

One year after Yakuza 4, a letter arrived from Morning Glory with an invitation to a retirement party. Kiryu sent Haruka to go in his stead because he couldn't leave the other children alone, however the letter was a trap to lure Kiryu to Kamurocho and Haruka was kidnapped by Tetsu Nikaido. Phoning Kiryu to prove he had kidnapped Haruka, Tetsu lured Kiryu into the zombie outbreak trying to get revenge for what the Tojo did to the Omi Alliance.

At the end of the game Kiryu and Ryuji Goda arrived and rescued Haruka and during the ending they go to get Takoyaki from Ryuji's store.


  • Haruka is the first playable female character in the series.
  • Haruka and the other kids from Morning Glory Orphanage affectionately call Kiryu "Uncle Kaz" (おじさん, ojisan; lit. "Mister" or "Uncle").
  • Haruka has the largest on-screen wardrobe of any character in the Kiryu saga, having worn 13 unique outfits in the main story.
    • If Premium Adventure outfits are included (including Yakuza: Dead Souls), this number rises to 20. If outfit variations are counted as unique outfits, this number rises to 28. With these criteria, however, she falls second to Kiryu's number of outfits.
  • Haruka has been abducted a total of six times throughout the canon series; three of those abductions happened while she was supervised by Makoto Date.
  • Haruka is mentioned in Project X Zone 2 when Kiryu and Majima talk with Alisa from the God Eater series about her clothes.
  • Haruka's model in each game is always an adult model shrunken appropriately to her age. When modified to an adult size, she shares her proportions with other adults, which can be demonstrated with various mods in Dragon Engine games.


  1. Haruka's birthday, while never officially stated or given significance, can be narrowed down between December 4 to 6. Kiryu tells Kiyomi Kasahara she is 19 in Yakuza 6, which takes place in December 2016, despite having already turned 9 by the events of the original Yakuza, which take place after December 5, 2005. However, Kiryu takes two days to travel to Onomichi, and Kiryu also first met Haruka one day after his first release from prison, so as long as his second release took place between December 1 and 3, Haruka would indeed still be 19, eliminating inconsistencies.

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