Heizo Iwami (巌見 兵三, Iwami Heizō) is the founder and president of Iwami Shipbuilding. In the underworld, he is known as Takeru Kurusu, the chairman of the Yomei Alliance.

Iwami is a shrewd man who built a global shipbuilding company, based in Onomichi, Hiroshima, from the ground up. Given this career history he would seem to be quite old, but he is an elderly gentleman whose dignity does not betray his age. Despite having relinquished control of Iwami Shipbuilding to his son, Tsuneo, his presence is still felt, and it is said that he even has a measure of influence over the country's politics.

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Iwami's track record dates back all the way to the post-war era. A successful businessman, he was contracted by the military for a top-secret project in Hiroshima. After the end of the war, he adopted young Toru Hirose after he trespassed the shipyard as a boy. In his position as Chairman of the Yomei Alliance, Iwami keeps the Hiroshima-based yakuza clan neutral in the rivalry between the Tojo Clan and Omi Alliance. Despite keeping the Yomei firmly rooted in Hiroshima, over the years, he successfully grew the Yomei to the third most-powerful yakuza clan in Japan. His true, life-long mission is to protect the "secret of Onomichi" at all costs, going so far as to order the assassinations of any friends, employees, and associates that could possibly expose the secret to the world.

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  • Date suggests that his age may be over 100 years old, as his track record spanned as far as the post-war times.
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