Hibiki Otsuki (大槻 ひびき, Ōtsuki Hibiki) was the number one hostess at Club Mercury before joining Club Sunshine.

Yakuza 0 Edit

Completion of Hibiki's training unlocks the substory A Little Brotherly Love.

Personality Edit

Hostess Training Edit

Customer Service 1 Edit

"Hmm, I wonder if there's a way to get him to listen to me. Am I spoiling him too much?" Use tough love. +Hostess Heart Full
Whack him one. -Hostess Heart Quarter
Let him be. -Hostess Heart Quarter
"I haven't been able to come to work every day since I lack the strength to do it... But I also want to make sure I'm pulling my own weight." Don't overdo it. +Hostess Heart Half
You're amazing. -Hostess Heart Quarter
"Sure. I always liked to draw, so I was working on becoming one while I was a student. But I gave it up in the end." Why give it up? -Hostess Heart Quarter
What kinda manga? +Hostess Heart Full
Why a manga artist? -Hostess Heart Quarter
"Well, my job being what it is, I should be able to liven things up when it's necessary for me to do so. I wonder if I could manage it." Don't worry. +Hostess Heart Half
Alcohol helps. -Hostess Heart Quarter

Customer Service 2 Edit

"Sounds like a clean division. The man handles the outside, the woman handles the inside, huh?" How old school. -Hostess Heart Quarter
I'm job focused... -Hostess Heart Quarter
Good deal. +Hostess Heart Full
"Oh, that's a new one to me, but, hey..." I like your voice. +Hostess Heart Half
How 'bout my voice? -Hostess Heart Quarter
"You think? I have no clue myself." What losers. -Hostess Heart Quarter
Baby me instead. +Hostess Heart Full
It's motherly love. +Hostess Heart Half
"T-talking like a cat?" That's cute. +Hostess Heart Half
That's purrfect. -Hostess Heart Quarter

Customer Service 3 Edit

"I see. Kids, huh?" I don't like kids. -Hostess Heart Quarter
Kids don't like me. +Hostess Heart Full
I like kids. +Hostess Heart Half
"Lemme think here... Something only a man can teach to another man..." About women. +Hostess Heart Half
About men. -Hostess Heart Quarter
"See, that wasn't so hard, was it? Alright, give me a sec here..." Younger women. -Hostess Heart Quarter
Age don't matter. -Hostess Heart Quarter
Older women. +Hostess Heart Full
"In that case... do you like girls who aren't overly cheerful and are a bit more mild-mannered?" They're fine. +Hostess Heart Half
I love 'em. -Hostess Heart Quarter

Customer Service 4 Edit

"I see..." I worry about ya. +Hostess Heart Full
What debt? -Hostess Heart Quarter
Make that money! +Hostess Heart Half
"I see..." This is respectable. -Hostess Heart Quarter
He'll understand. +Hostess Heart Half
"Majima-kun, I think you'd make a good dad yourself, if you put your mind to it." I dunno... -Hostess Heart Quarter
I got my hands full. +Hostess Heart Full
I think so too. +Hostess Heart Half
"Oh, those things." I'd try that. +Hostess Heart Half
The Mega Drive, right? -Hostess Heart Quarter

Customer Service Final Edit

"Yeah." It's too much. +Hostess Heart Full
Can I help? -Hostess Heart Quarter
You're amazing. -Hostess Heart Quarter
"But she gave her all until she got sick. I really respect my mom. I'm very proud to be her daughter." Your bro is proud too. -Hostess Heart Quarter
You're lucky. +Hostess Heart Half
"Speaking of which, Majima-kun. What kind of man do you think would be good for me? Who should I get married to?" A guy with a big heart. +Hostess Heart Full
Don't get married! -Hostess Heart Quarter
Me. +Hostess Heart Half
"Hibiki-chan..." I apurreciate it. -Hostess Heart Quarter
Thank you. +Hostess Heart Half

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