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Hidemi Bando (坂東 秀美, Bandō Hidemi) is a major antagonist in Lost Judgment. He is an officer who claims to be a "coordinator" for the National Police Agency's Public Security Division.



Bando has a small mustache. He wears a dark blue suit with a tie.


Bando is shown to be opportunistic, finding any way he can to gain power over Reiko Kusumoto so he can have control over the Health Ministry's pension, not caring about any damage he causes for his ambitions. In spite of that, he has respect for Kusumuto, and wants her to stay at her position thinking it is for the best of the country.


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Bando erased Kazuki Soma's public records and had him infiltrate the Tojo Clan. When the Tojo's demise was imminent, he informed Soma to leave and had him form RK to gather as many ex-yakuza as possible in a single place to monitor crime.


Lost Judgment: 2021-2022[]

During a strange trial, Akihiro Ehara reveals to the court that he had avenged his son Toshiro by killing the bully Hiro Mikoshiba, which he supposedly could not have done due to groping a woman at the time of the murder. This causes Bando to suspect Reiko Kusumoto may have also used shady methods to kill the bully of her own son Mitsuru, and has RK search for Shinya Kawai, who disappeared from Kamurocho five years prior. They learn Kawai is most likely murdered, and has them search for the other person publicly disgraced as a result of the Kurokawa Academy bullying incident: Yu Kitakata, Kawai and Mitsuru's former teacher.

More research on Kitakata reveals he has now assumed the alias Jin Kuwana, and discover a person linked to him, Mikoshiba, Mitsuru, and Toshiro: Yoko Sawa. Because she is close to learning information that could compromise their operation, Soma has her killed. Bando modifies the camera footage from Sawa's apartment complex to remove all video containing RK members, exclusively leaving behind footage where only Kuwana can be seen, opening an opportunity to frame him for Sawa's murder. He provides Kanagawa Prefectural Police with files on Kuwana as well as the doctored footage, and due to the fact that Kuwana is using an alias, is considered suspicious enough to become a wanted man.

Kuwana calls Kusumoto regarding his situation, which Public Security overhears due to wiretapping Kusumoto's phone. With a connection between the two confirmed, Bando takes measures to prevent Kusumoto from calling anyone and visits her in Mitsuru's room at Touto University Hospital, confronting her about Kawai. A few days later, he enters a courtroom meeting to overhear the discussion of Ehara's appeal, and to tell Takayuki Yagami to turn over Kuwana to avoid more victims.

Bando is called to Mitsuru's room by Kusumoto, who confesses to - and intends to turn herself in for - killing Kawai. He tries to dissuade her from her course of action and is unsuccessful until Mitsuru wakes up, at which point Bando points out to her the consequences to Mitsuru should she turn herself in, causing Kusumoto to change her mind. She informs Bando of Kuwana's link to the Kurokawa Academy graduates, allowing Public Security to tail Yasushi Akaike to find Kuwana.

In 2022, after Ehara's retrial, Bando and Kusumuto come to see Yagami. They tell him that Kuwana wanted to call Yagami after the retrial. During the call, Kuwana reveals where Kawai's body is, after which Bando orders Soma to have RK find Kawai's body and get rid of it. Soma fails, and is arrested. Additionally, Kuwana cannot be used as a scapegoat due to disappearing. Bando is confronted by Sadao Takano and Mafuyu Fujii and is arrested after his crimes and motives are revealed via recovered footage from Sawa's apartment complex.



  1. The given height of 190 cm (6′ 3″) is based on the character model's scaling factor within Lost Judgment's data.[1] For Dragon Engine games, this method is believed to be very accurate (±2 cm). However, this is intended as an estimate, not a substitute for an official statistic.


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