Himeka Kawasaki is a hostess at Club Shine in Yakuza 4. She can only be requested by Masayoshi Tanimura.



Yakuza 4Edit

"Himeka-chan is an energetic Kansai-grown girl. She's the star of her club and is well-known for her cheerful conversational style. She loves interacting with customers and drinking, too. Guess working at a hostess club is the perfect job for her! I hear there are even customers who come up all the way from Kansai just to meet Himeka-chan! She's 24, a Leo, and her blood type's O! She loves liver sashimi and fried foods, and I hear she's really into collecting perfume and going to hot springs. Hehehe... Who knows? You may find yourself among Himeka-chan's legion of fans very soon!"



Icon Name Reaction
Y4fruitplatter Fruit Platter
Y4chickenbasket Chicken Basket
Y4vegetablesticks Vegetable Sticks
Y4driedrayfin Dried Ray Fin
Y4chocolate Chocolate
Y4pickledvegetables Pickled Vegetables


Icon Name Reaction
Y4goldchampagne Gold Champagne
Y4blackchampagne Black Champagne
Y4rosechampagne Rose Champagne
Y4whitechampagne White Champagne
Y4yamazaki12 Yamazaki 12 Years
Y4premiummalts Beer
Y4cassisandorange Cassis & Orange
Y4orangejuice Orange Juice
Y4kyogetsugreen Kyogetsu Green


Dialogue TreeEdit

Everyone's been super nice. I was even the top earning hostess here one month! Sounds like you were born to be a hostess.
You might've even made it as a pop star.
Do you ever think about doing something else?
I just wanna enjoy my work. Can't we all just get along, y'know? They're jealous of you.
You can't get along with everybody.
Don't worry about it.
How can I make them understand without making a big deal about it? Just call me if something happens.
You have to tell it to them straight.
Maybe you should learn self defense.
Here he is! Look at this picture! This is my pet, Mr. Meowy! Pretty cute, huh? Yeah, he's a cutie.
I'm more of a dog person.
Mr. Meowy? What kind of name is that?
Sure it does. I'd do anything to be taller! Have you tried drinking milk?
Why don't you try wearing platform shoes?
I could give you a ride on my shoulders.
Seriously?! I had no idea! I'd love to go! You really know a lot about this city, eh? Maybe we can go together.
Have fun.
I prefer taking showers to baths.
He ended up dumping me... He said he couldn't stand eating with me anymore. He was being a jerk.
Why don't you try chewing something else?
Maybe it's nerves.
You think someone like me could ever get married? You just have to find a man who can cook.
Why don't you start with some simple dishes?
I like instant food just fine, actually.
Yeah, I just love a man who can make me laugh. (Try telling a joke.)
(Change the subject.)
I don't really like comedians.
You don't do that kind of thing, do ya? Come on. I'm a cop, remember?
Maybe once in a while.
I'll try not to do it from now on.
He comes in almost every day now. It makes me depressed to think about tomorrow. Why don't you just wait and see what happens?
Have a drink and forget about it.
Maybe you should take a few days off.
Maybe I should quit blogging altogether. That's just running away from the problem.
You should follow your heart.
That might be the best plan.
I don't know if I can keep working here without your support. Don't you have other people you can talk to?
You should try and be more independent.
Maybe you should quit being a hostess.
Ask me whatever you want. Do you have someone you like?
What do you want most in the world right now?
What's your most embarrassing memory?
The other day the super in my apartment building found me passed out in the elevator. You don't know the right way to drink.
Drinking that much isn't good for you.
You're young. I'm sure you can handle it.
But I have no clue how to use it! The instructions might as well be in Chinese. I'm not very good with machines either.
Do you want me to show you how to use it?
Just try fooling around with it.
If you get this right, I'll cook something nice for you! Was it a picture of me?
I bet it was your cat, Mr. Meowy.
You didn't draw anything, did you?
What about you? Do you just tell someone? If I like a woman, I make her mine.
Actually, I'm kind of bashful too.
It depends on who it is.
So, I'm not requesting anything, but what would you do if you had to celebrate my birthday? I'd pick you up on a white horse.
I'd pick you up in a police car.
I wouldn't do anything fancy.
No. He stopped coming around when the phone calls started up. Leave this to me.
You should file a police report.
Just wait until whoever it is gives up.
What do you think I should do? This is a decision you need to make on your own.
Wouldn't you regret it if you left now?
I'll walk you to the station.
But where should I go? If you've never been, I'd go to Korea.
Northern Japan can be fun.
You like hot springs. Why not go to Hakone?
Um... Do you think I could ever be your wife? Let's just worry about Kashiwabara for now.
You can do much better than me.
Well, I don't know.
Do you think I've got no sex appeal? Not having sex appeal makes you attractive.
You could try a little harder.
He's a fool.
Whenever a customer compliments me or smiles, it reminds me that I love helping people. You've got a talent for it.
You should try harder.
Maybe you should open up your own store.
Well, I spend so much time making food, but I've got no one to share it with. How about me?
I'd like you to make me miso soup every morning.
I'm kind of a gourmet, actually.
I'd love to introduce you to her someday. She wouldn't get mad at me, would she?
She sounds interesting.
I think I'll pass.
Wouldn't that be nice? I've already started saving for it. That's surprisingly practical of you.
Do they have horse racing in Hawaii?
Can you speak English?
If we did start going out, where would you take me on our first date? We'd go on a drive along the coast.
We'd take the train to Nagano.
We'd take a stroll in a park nearby.
And it's all thanks to you. You've really grown, Himeka.
It was impressive.
Yes, you should be grateful.

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, during the time of the game's release, Himeka was a hostess working in Osaka.


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