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Hina Sakuragi (桜木 ひな Sakuragi Hina) is Ryuji Goda's hostess in Yakuza: Dead Souls who is one of the few hostesses in the series capable of fighting and she also becomes available as an AI companion character after completing her substory.






Icon Name Reaction
Y4fruitplatter.png Fruit Platter
Y4chickenbasket.png Chicken Basket
Y4vegetablesticks.png Vegetable Sticks +Hostess Heart Full.png
Y4driedrayfin.png Dried Ray Fin
Y4chocolate.png Chocolate
Y4pickledvegetables.png Pickled Vegetables +Hostess Heart Half.png


Icon Name Reaction
Y4goldchampagne.png Gold Champagne
Y4blackchampagne.png Black Champagne
Y4rosechampagne.png Rose Champagne +Hostess Heart Half.png
Y4whitechampagne.png White Champagne +Hostess Heart Half.png
Y4yamazaki12.png Yamazaki 12 Years Hostess Heart Empty.png
Y4premiummalts.png Beer -Hostess Heart Full.png
Y4cassisandorange.png Cassis Orange Hostess Heart Empty.png
Y4orangejuice.png Orange Juice -Hostess Heart Half.png
Y4kyogetsugreen.png Kyogetsu Green Hostess Heart Empty.png


Dialogue Tree[]

We country hicks have to stick together and work hard, right? I ain't no country hick!
This situation's really bad, ain't it? +Hostess Heart Full.png
What are you gonna work hard at?
Will you bring me some of your takoyaki sometime? If ya give me some sushi. -Hostess Heart Full.png
Come to our takoyaki stand.
Nah. I ain't good enough yet.
My dream is to have my own business someday, so I'm making sure I'm well-informed. Maybe I oughta follow your lead. +Hostess Heart Full.png
I don't gotta pay attention to that stuff.
Nobody reads newspapers no more.
I want to be in love! I wonder why I can't find a boyfriend... Maybe you're too picky?
Take it easy. You got plenty of time.
Don't ask me. +Hostess Heart Full.png
My friends tell me the type of guys I usually go for have bug faces. What the hell kinda face is that? -Hostess Heart Full.png
Lucky guys.
Have your friends set you up.
My whole building smelled like a bakery. Sounds good. +Hostess Heart Half.png
Who could eat all that bread?
Sounds like you're a culinary artist.
And he talks to me, too! "Meow! Myew!" he says. Which means "I love you, Hina!" I'm crazy 'bout animals, too. -Hostess Heart Full.png
That's probably not what he's sayin'.
I just don't get it.
Yup. There's nothing wrong with that, is there? Just make sure ya don't lose that camera. +Hostess Heart Half.png
Lemme see 'em.
What do ya do that for?
Even in the winter, I wear light clothes or camisole tops under my coat. I'd like to see that. +Hostess Heart Full.png
Ain't ya worried about catchin' a cold?
Guys are gonna get the wrong message.
My friends said I acted like I was in love with my own brother or something. They thought it was weird. Brother and sister? Sounds a little freaky.
So you and your brother are close. So what? +Hostess Heart Full.png
Ya oughta leave him alone.
No, my grades were pretty good, actually! Guess ya can't judge a book by its cover.
That ain't much to brag about.
Ya mean you're just pretendin' to be dumb?
But I didn't want to live a life my dad had decided for me, so I made up my mind and ran away. You oughta go home once in a while.
Same as me.
That was a big decision.
I've got quite a bit in savings already. I think I'd be a good CEO. Nah, I doubt it.
I think so, too.
Business is all just a gamble.
But I want to go do something fun! Just riding around in a car is a waste of time! I love goin' for a drive.
Yeah. Who needs a car on a date?
I don't like havin' a specific plan for a date. -Hostess Heart Half.png
I don't know why, but I never think of a young man as someone I could fall in love with. Age don't matter, right?
Ya gotta be careful of those older ones. Hostess Heart Empty.png
Why don't ya give young guys a chance?
Let's go saltwater fishing sometime! It'll be really fun! I can't go near the ocean.
It ain't the time for things like that.
I'd like to go octopus fishin'. +Hostess Heart Full.png
I just wanted to, that's all! It looked so good. Why didn't ya just change into street clothes? Hostess Heart Empty.png
Who goes that far?
What a waste of a perfectly good uniform.
But I'm the one who got him all slim and handsome, and now I'm just being tossed aside and forgotten. It makes me mad! Wonder what kind of girl she is? -Hostess Heart Full.png
You're goin' way overboard.
Then why don't you get a boyfriend, too?
But my belly button has a nice look to it, split nicely up and down. Everyone says it's cute. I'd hafta see it.
I like belly buttons. +Hostess Heart Full.png
How many people have seen it?
It was so big, I couldn't carry it. I ended up cutting it up and just giving her a piece of it. I wasted the whole day! At least ya got a story out of it.
Ya shoulda invited your friend over, then.
Ya oughta open a bakery or somethin'. Hostess Heart Empty.png
I'm certainly grateful to my parents for providing so well for us when I was a kid, but they came home late every night. I was lonely. So you're not gonna see him?
Ya oughta try seein' him.
Try imaginin' how your dad really feels.
He remembered that I always wanted a dog. I thought he was really nice then. If ya work hard, maybe he'll be nice again.
Is that dog back home in Shizuoka now?
He's still nice.
He rose up from being a simple sushi chef to the CEO of a restaurant chain all on his own. Are you gonna have kids someday?
Why don't ya try bein' a sushi chef, too?
You've grown up.
Ha ha ha! I guess I'm no language expert. Words don't matter.
There are a lot of words I don't know, either.
But ya read the paper, don't ya? -Hostess Heart Full.png
That's why I want to run my own business. I want to be able to support myself. There are men out there that won't betray ya. +Hostess Heart Full.png
Are ya sure you wouldn't cheat, yourself?
Ain't ya just protectin' yourself?
I thought if I could secretly get my boating license, I'd really surprise them on our next trip! I could cook the fish for ya.
That oughta be a thrill. -Hostess Heart Half.png
I just can't see it.
And I have to take care of my appearance for this job, so I'm careful about a lot of things. Can ya look after my health, too? +Hostess Heart Half.png
Aw, that's too bad.
Are ya sure ya ain't damagin' your body?
It seems like a lot of people think of me as a big sister they can come to for help. I can't turn them away. Just don't overdo it.
Do you have anybody to talk to?
I never ask anybody for advice.
Actually, he wasn't all that enthused. At least he'll never forget it.
Why don't ya just skip it this year?
Of course he wasn't.
Maybe that's what I did this time, too. Apparently, I can't handle my drink very well. Drinkin' that much is really dangerous.
I wonder what the guy's story was?
Ya musta' been havin' a great time.
I don't know when I'll be coming back to Tokyo again, but will you root for me? Of course.
Maybe I'll come visit ya.
I bet you'll be back pretty fast.

Hina's Emails[]