Hiramatsu is a character featured in Yakuza 0.

Overview[edit | edit source]

In 1988, Goro Majima and Tsukasa Sagawa travel to the Nikkyo Consortium's Osaka base in the Camelia Grove in search of Makoto Makimura, who had previously been kidnapped by Nikkyo president Masaru Sera.

Upon arrival, the duo split up and Majima is confronted by several Nikkyo guards who refuse to let him through to see their boss. Majima proceeds to fight his way through scores of Nikkyo thugs in search of Sera, eventually coming up against Hiramatsu on the bridge leading to Sera's private garden.

Hiramatsu attacks Majima with a distinctive pair of steel fans that he uses as blades when unfurled and as kali sticks when shut. Despite Hiramatsu's exceptional combat prowess, Majima manages to defeat him and proceeds to the private garden to meet with Sera.

Later, when the Shibusawa Family raids the Nikkyo's Tokyo headquarters to assassinate Sera and Makimura, Hiramatsu, along with the rest of the Consortium's agents, assists in the fighting against Shibusawa's men.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Much like most of the Nikkyo's agents in the Camelia Grove, Hiramatsu wears a Noh theater mask to conceal his identity. The mask he wears is an okina mask, meant to represent a wise, old man.
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