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"I can't wait! Just looking at somebody strong gets my juices flowin'. I'm rock hard, buddy ol' pal. Can't hold this back!"

— Nishitani to Majima, Yakuza 0

Homare Nishitani (西谷 誉, Nishitani Homare) is a supporting character in Yakuza 0. He is the patriarch of the Kijin Clan, an Omi Alliance subsidiary, as well as a retainer to the 5th Omi chairman, Jin Goda.



Nishitani has a light goatee with his hair parted down the middle on both sides.


Nishitani wears a striped fuschia suit, a black dress shirt, a purple necktie, a watch on his left wrist, a brown leather belt with a gold buckle, and brown leather oxfords. His watch has a black crocodile leather watch strap, a gold case, and a black dial. He is always impeccably dressed, and has a tanto knife that he brings out in fights.


Nishitani is wild and almost sadomasochistic in his desires, even when he was a child. He relentlessly pursues whatever he feels like, doing whatever its takes to get what he wants. A man whose three tenets of life are money, sex, and violence, he is an unpredictable foe that not even the Omi Alliance can control. Nishitani even confesses that he's turned on by fighting strong rivals like Goro Majima.

Nonetheless, he is shown to be loyal to those who cooperate with him and is somewhat of an idol among his followers. He also respects those who can meet him on the same level, physically, and mocks his adversaries for trying to defeat him with weapons instead of their fists.

Nishitani is also quite intelligent. For example, he quickly bypassed the "Customer is King" policy after Majima invoked it to avoid fighting him. He was also able to accurately deduce the identity of the man that took Makoto away from Majima.


Homare Nishitani was raised by his uncle, Billiken, from a very young age. He was described as being a troublemaker since birth, to a point where Billiken remarked that he had never seen a baby so good at shoplifting.

Nishitani steadily increased his criminal path as he aged. According to Billiken, Nishitani had started pickpocketing in kindergarten, moved onto robbery during elementary school and into car break-ins by middle school. His criminal activity escalated considerably by high school, however, when he moved onto murder. During his senior year, Billiken's daughter and Nishitani's cousin was murdered by another student who barely saw legal consequences because he was a minor. After the killer was released from juvie, Nishitani stabbed him to death after seeing how distraught Billiken had become because his daughter's killer had faced such little punishment.

Eventually, as an adult, Nishitani became the patriarch of the Kijin Clan. It is unknown if he was the founder of this group, but as of the events of the game, it is a direct subsidiary of the Omi Alliance, with Nishitani himself being a retainer to the fifth chairman (meaning that he was among the brass of the organization). Nishitani used his relationship with Billiken to the Kijin Clan's advantage; through the Osakan detective, he would be able to use a jail cell as a hideout of his. The security of the jail facility would ensure hostile forces could not easily confront him. Nishitani would also be able to simply pretend to be arrested to be escorted to the cell, and could then leave it at anytime. In exchange, Nishitani bribed Billiken with money; one of his uses for it was funding the Bed of Styx coliseum.


Yakuza 0: 1988[]

Nishitani was hired by Keiji Shibusawa of the Tojo Clan's Dojima Family to kidnap Makoto Makimura. To this end, Nishitani dispatched Kijin Clan men, including his lieutenant Oishi, to try to retrieve Makoto from Hogushi Kaikan Massage. Although Oishi put several bullets in Wen Hai Lee, Makoto's guardian, the efforts of Lee and Goro Majima foiled the Kijin Clan's initial efforts.

Nishitani waits Majima to meet him in for a deal.png

Impressed by his men's description of Majima due to Nishitani's fondness for strength, Nishitani personally spied on the duo. He covertly witnessed Majima refuse to go along with the plan Lee proposed of killing a body double of Makimura in order to discourage the yakuza from hunting her down, and saw Majima throw a bag containing the items needed for the plan (photos of the body double and a uniform similar to the one Makoto wore) in the trash. Nishitani decided to take the deed into his own hands by killing the double, and then renting out Majima's entire club, The Grand, to himself, before goading Majima to meet him. There, Nishitani asks that Majima give him Makimura, promising that he will never reveal to Tsukasa Sagawa (Majima's boss) that Makimura's death was faked; Majima refuses, and also refuses to fight Nishitani due to his policy of not attacking customers. Impersonating Majima, Nishitani calls the cops and tells them that he is being attacked by a yakuza robber, prompting Majima to fight him. Majima emerges victorious, but before the fight can be fully concluded, the police arrive to take Nishitani away.

Nishitani is approached by Majima once again .png

After getting advice on how to contact Nishitani by Billiken, Majima later found Nishitani in his jail cell hideout, who was living comfortably due to the jailer being bribed by Billikien. The jailer wanted the bribe to pay for his daughter's college education. Majima demanded more information on why he wanted Makimura. After being defeated again by Majima, Nishitani reveals his employment with Shibusawa, and also reveals that the man who kidnapped Makimura earlier was most likely Masaru Sera - the president of the Tojo Clan's secret black ops group, the Nikkyo Consortium. Nishitani again asked that Majima agree to give him the girl, arguing that his employer didn't demand they kill her, and also offered that Majima join his organization - but Majima again refuses.

Nishitani readys to kill the back stabbing cop before his last breath.png

Impressed by Majima, Nishitani tells him that Sera is hiding in the Benten Inn of the Camellia Grove, and offers to go with him to help him take back Makimura. But before he can leave the jail facility, he, along with Billiken, is lethally shot by the jailor, who switched allegiances to accept bribes from the Shibusawa family. Shibusawa wanted to kill Nishitani as punishment for his failure to kidnap Makoto Makimura. With his dying words, Nishitani encouraged Majima to go rescue Makoto in the spirit of a yakuza, before beating the jailer to death.

After he defeated Hiroki Awano, Majima remembered Nishitani, describing him as a man who lived and died like an idiot, but felt that his crazy lifestyle made him a fine man. It is unknown what became of the Kijin Clan after Nishitani's death.

Fighting Style[]

Nishitani's fighting style embodies his wild personality and centers around his use of a knife. His style resembles a more refined version of Majima's Legend style, lacking the latter's frenzied attacks in favor of (relatively) more controlled strikes that can still deal a lot of damage very quickly. He attacks using kicks, slashes, and stabs, chaining them up into acrobatic combos that allows him to close distance to attack and kick-flip away, making counterattacks more difficult.

He has a grab attack that he can use at the end of a combo. If it connects, Nishitani will throw Majima to the ground and stab him in the abdomen. If it misses, Nishitani will be staggered for a few seconds, making him open to an attack. Do keep in mind, however, that the grab attack is very fast and untelegraphed, and avoiding it is even harder if you're already being staggered by a combo beforehand.

Nishitani will occasionally and abruptly fall flat on his back in the middle of battle, pretending to be downed. Getting too close to him will cause him to attack by slashing at Majima's feet, which will always knock him down if he gets hit.

Once he enters Heat Mode, Nishitani becomes incredibly evasive, gaining the ability to dodge using multiple quicksteps  like Kiryu's Rush style. It can become very hard to keep track of him and have him circle around behind Majima. His Heat color is pink.


  • Nishitani's model files are listed as Kishitani instead of Nishitani.
  • Nishitani's intro animation from his boss battles is reused as Majima's intro animation in his battles in Kiwami, a possible nod to Majima being inspired by Nishitani. In addition, the circumstances behind Nishitani and Majima appearing for the first time in Kiwami are very similar.
  • His voice actor, Keiji Fujiwara, died in April 2020.
  • Nishitani seems to have a dislike of Tsukasa Sagawa, referring to him as a "braindead chimpanzee" when proposing his plan to fake Makoto's death to Majima and stating that Sagawa will never figure it out.


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