The Ijin Three(異人三, ijin san) is a criminal syndicate which appears in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Background[edit | edit source]

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During the 1950's, the Yokohama underworld was on the brink of being torn apart by a war between the Japanese Seiryu Clan and the Chinese Yokohama Liumang. However, before war broke out, city councilman Yutaka Ogikubo secretly contacted the then leaders of both groups and proposed a business arrangement between all three of them to prevent further violent escalation: Ogikubo had acquired stolen plates which the Japanese Treasury had used to print 10,000 yen bills and offered to let the Seiryu and the Liumang have access to them in order to counterfeit money together and split the profits. Both leaders agreed and a counterfeiting syndicate was formed, where the Liumang imported the materials necessary for the forgery, the Seiryu produced the bills and Ogikubo used his political connections to keep the operation secret from the authorities.

Thanks to this scheme, Ogikubo and both criminal organizations became incredibly wealthy and peace between the Seiryu and the Liumang was ensured. However, due to the serious legal trouble that could befall them if the counterfeiting operation was exposed; only the top members of both criminal groups could be allowed to know about it, so the Seiryu and the Liumang's leaders had to continue pretending that their organizations were constantly on the brink of war.

During the 2000's, when the Geomijul became a third major power player in the Yokohama underworld, their leader was brought into the counterfeiting scheme as well. The production of the bills was handed over to the Geomijul, while the Seiryu only continued to be responsible for administering the network of bribes and pay-offs to both local and national authorities to keep them from looking into their business.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon[edit | edit source]

Conspirators[edit | edit source]

  • Yutaka Ogikubo - Founder of the counterfeiting syndicate and top political protector.
  • Ryuhei Hoshino - Chairman of the Seiryu Clan
  • Tianyou Zhao - Ringleader of the Yokohama Liumang
  • Seong-Hui - Boss of the Geomijul
  • Mamoru Takabe - Captain of the Seiryu Clan, who aids the plot by overseeing the bribe payments.
  • Yeonsu Kim - Geomijul second-in-command who oversees assassination of people who could expose the plot.
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