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Isezaki Ijincho (伊勢佐木異人町, Isezaki Ijin-chō) is a district in Yokohama. It is modelled after the real-life Yokohama district of Isezakichō. It is the primary explorable city in Yakuza: Like a Dragon (though Kamurocho and Sotenbori are both explorable as well), and one of the two explorable cities in Lost Judgment alongside Kamurocho.

In both games, organized crime in the city is largely dominated by the Ijin Three organizations (though that term is not used in Lost Judgment): the Chinese Yokohama Liumang, the Japanese Seiryu Clan, and the Korean Geomijul.

Notable Locations[]




  • Bayside Street
  • Breakwater Drive
  • Carriage Highway
  • Central Street
  • Daikokuren Street
  • Fukutoku Park
  • Gull Alley
  • Gull Street
  • Hamakaze Street
  • Hamakita Park Avenue
  • Hyakkei Alley
  • Hyakkei Street
  • Ijin Alley
  • Ijin Lane
  • Ijin Street
  • Isezaki Road
  • Isobe Alley
  • Jinnai Service Road
  • Jinnai Station Square
  • Kinka Bridge
  • Kinka Street
  • Misaki Street
  • Ohama Street
  • Pier Street
  • Restaurant Row
  • Romance Street
  • Sakura River Street
  • Sunrise Bridge
  • Sunrise Street
  • Tsurukame Alley
  • Tsurukame Bridge
  • Tsurukame Highway
  • Yokohama Boulevard