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Ito Ittosai (伊東一刀斎 Itō Ittōsai) is a bodyguard for the Tsuruya brothel in Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan!. He is also a friend and ally of Kiryu Kazumanosuke, as he is known to him.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan! follow. (Skip)

When Haruka suddenly appears before Kiryu and asks him to kill Miyamoto Musashi, Ito helps his friend by introducing him to an informant, Honami Koetsu (who just also happens to be a famous artist). It seems that Ito has been using Koetsu's network of informants for his own purposes, unbeknownst to Kiryu.

One day, Ito calls Kiryu to the beach and attacks him. When Kiryu defends with Musashi's signature two-swords style, Ito recognises him immediately. Eventually, he relents, and explains his backstory to Kiryu.

It seems that one of the men responsible for smearing Kiryuu's name, Sasaki Kojiro , is Ito's nemesis. He has been hunting this man for a long time. Ito was famous during the Sengoku era as a skilled swordsman, but, his family and students were all killed at Kojiro's hands.


Learning through Kouetsu that Musashi also bears a grudge against Kojiro, he figured that the two of them should duel to see who had the right to take Kojirou's head.


  • Ito is based on Jiro Kawara's likeness (more specifically, that of his and Ito's voice actor Susumu Terajima), but his personality and role in the story appear to be based on Makoto Date, a former colleague of Karawa in the modern Yakuza universe.