Iyama is a character in Judgment. He has an extract shop that he runs out of the Dragon Palace.

Iyama's Extract ShopEdit

Iyama's Extract Shop
Image Name Price (¥) SP Description
Growth Extract 40,000
Luck Extract 40,000
Stealth Extract 260,000
Flash Dancer Extract 84,000
Fast Fighter Extract 84,000
Dance Fighter Extract 430,000
Rejuventation Extract 260,000
Die Hard Extract 980,000
Punch-Out Extract 430,000
Flowing Willow Extract 430,000
Guard Breaker Extract 260,000
Thunder Strike Extract 980,000
Throw Extract 40,000
Swing Extract 84,000
Power Attack Extract 84,000
Deadly Crane Extract 260,000
Deadly Tiger Extract 260,000
Beatdown Extract 430,000
One-Two Knockout Extract 430,000
Blazing Barrage Extract 980,000


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