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Izakaya Hanako is a restaurant located in Tsukimino, Sapporo and Kineicho, Nagoya, in Yakuza 5.


Yakuza 5[]

The menus at both locations are identical.


Image Name (¥) XP Ability Description
Y5 FD IHT Malt.png
The Premium Malt's Draft 630 N/A Glass after glass, you'll never tire of this one.
Y5 FD IHT Grape.png
Fresh-Squeezed Grapefruit Sour 580 N/A This extravagant drink features freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.
Y5 FD IHT Ginger.png
Men's Dry Ginger Highball 500 N/A This is a real man's highball made with dry whisky and dry ginger.
Y5 FD IHT Haku.png
Hakushu 690 N/A This single-malt whisky's complexity and depth comes from the distillery's multiple sets of copper pot stills.
Y5 FD IHT Yama.png
Yamazaki 690 N/A This single-malt whisky was born at the crossroads of tradition and revolution.
Y5 FD IHT Tea.png
Oolong Tea 400 N/A Everyone from kids to adults loves this drink.
ALL-FREE 580 N/A This non-alcoholic beer has a refreshing taste and goes down smooth.
SEOUL Maccoli 550 N/A You'll love this smooth, easy-to-drink alcoholic beverage. It has just a hint of refreshing carbonation.
Y5 FD IHT Hana.png
Hanako Original Turmeric Drink 300 N/A This turmeric drink is only sold at Hanako. Its pineapple flavor makes it easy to drink, even for those who can't stand turmeric.


Image Name (¥) XP Ability Description
Y5 FD IHT Mack.png
Dried Hokkaido Mackerel 990
Y5 FD Ability Spr.png
Freshly caught and shipped straight from the waters off Hokkaido, this mackerel offers a deep flavor.
Y5 FD IHT Onion.png
Fried Hokkaido Onions 590
Y5 FD Ability Spr.png
This simple, deeply flavorful dish wouldn't be possible without the sweet onions we have shipped straight from local Hokkaido farms.
Y5 FD IHT Cod.png
Broiled Saffron Cod 690
Y5 FD Ability Fcs.png
Flavorful and broiled to perfection. Enjoy with mayonnaise, the standard condiment for this dish.
Y5 FD IHT Salmon.png
Dried Salmon Fillets 590
Y5 FD Ability Fcs.png
Slowly cured and then grilled to perfection. A taste explosion awaits you with each chew.
Y5 FD IHT Ramen.png
Classic Hokkaido Ramen Salad 790
Y5 FD Ability Fcs.png
Thick al dente noodles are mixed with a special soy sauce-based, sesame-seed flavored sauce in this menu favourite.
Y5 FD IHT Zangi.png
Chicken Zangi 690
Y5 FD Ability Str.png
"Zangi" is the word for karaage in Hokkaido. You won't be able to resist this meaty, juicy fried chicken.
Y5 FD IHT Nanban.png
Hokkaido Shiretoko Chicken Nanban 990
Y5 FD Ability Str.png
Made with thigh meat from chickens raised in Shiretoko, Hokkaido and paired with a hearty tartar sauce that's a perfect match.
Y5 FD IHT Kalbi.png
Teppan Kalbi Bone Meat Stir-Fry 790
Y5 FD Ability Str.png
Tender kalbi cut from beef bones and grilled up with a special sauce. Eat it right off a sizzling griddle.
Y5 FD IHT Udon.png
Hanako's Fried Curry Udon 790
Y5 FD Ability Str.png
This fried udon is a Hanako original. Its special blend of yummy spices will leave you wondering why no one thought of it before!


  • The restaurants' interiors are made from pre-rendered background sprites.