Izumi () is a recurring character in the Yakuza series, first introduced in Yakuza 3. She is one of the residents of the Morning Glory Orphanage.[1]

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The orphanage's youngest and smallest, Izumi tends to be self-centred and somewhat of a loner. She appears to be a dog person, taking care of and training Mame, who bears a resemblance to the dog she used to own with her parents before they died.

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Yakuza 3Edit


Izumi is first noticed by her absence in Chapter 2, when everyone else is about to start dinner. Kiryu and Haruka look for her, saying that the other children may start eating. Kiryu finds Izumi on the beach just opposite the orphanage. She is crying because she has been being bullied at school for not having a "real" family. Kiryu and Haruka cheer her up by telling her that the orphanage is her real family, and they go back inside to find that the other children have not touched their food. The fact that they waited for her to return before eating reinforces the fact that she really is part of a real family.

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  1. Known as Sunshine Orphanage in the original PlayStation 3 versions of Yakuza 3, 4, and 5.
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