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Jin Goda (郷田 仁, Gōda Jin) is a character in Yakuza 2/Yakuza Kiwami 2. He is the fifth chairman of the Omi Alliance, and the adoptive father of Ryuji Goda.


Goda is a reasonable person, shown when he agreed with Kiryu's truce offer, despite the Omi Alliance's eagerness to wage a war against the Tojo Clan. However, he has difficulty controlling the organization since it has become too big for him to handle. In contrast to all of the other major characters in the alliance featured in Yakuza 2, Jin is shown to both peaceable and honest, not willing to go to war with the Tojo (unlike Ryuji, Sengoku and Ibuchi), and not willing to use deception to his own ends (like Takashima).

Despite his disheveled and frail appearance, he is much stronger than he appears, as he was able to stand up from his wheelchair and defeat Ryuji in a battle, despite Ryuji being armed with a katana when they were 57 and 22 years old respectively in Ryu ga Gotoku Online, 8 years prior to the events of Yakuza 2.


He has long hair and an equally long beard. He wears a gray kimono, socks and sandals. He is confined to a wheelchair as of the events of the game.


At one point during the 1980s, he met a Korean named Suyeon, who wanted him to take care of her infant son as she fled the country to seek for safety after the 1980 Jingweon massacre. He adopted this infant son as Ryuji Goda. After Yukio Terada swore his oath to the Omi Alliance, Shintaro Kazama (who spared Terada during the massacre) begged Goda to look after him. Goda agreed and allowed Terada to join the alliance.

By the events of Yakuza 0, which is set in 1988, Jin had become the fifth chairman of the Omi Alliance (is it unknown if he had secured this position by 1980). This is known because the introduction subtitles of both Homare Nishitani and Tsukasa Sagawa describe them as retainers to the fifth Omi Alliance chairman (and Jin is still the fifth chairman in 2006), showing that Jin was the boss of these two members of the Omi Alliance brass who led the Kijin Clan and Sagawa Family respectively.

For some time, Goda served as the first chairman of the Omi's Go-Ryu Clan. Eventually, after Ryuji Goda joined the alliance, he became the clan's second patriarch.

He was indirectly mentioned (through his position as the 5th Chairman of Omi Alliance) by Jingu in the first game, citing that Jingu had spoken to Omi Alliance's 5th Chairman for a year about a potential partnership between him and the Omi Alliance and that Jingu thought Terada is nothing but Omi Alliance's puppet. In the end, Jingu is defeated, and Terada resigns from being the Chief of HQ of the Omi Alliance in order to act as the Fifth Chairman of the Tojo Clan, while still on amicable terms with the Omi.

Yakuza 2/Yakuza Kiwami 2

In the aftermath of Terada's death, Daigo Dojima and Kazuma Kiryu travel to Sotenbori to meet Goda at the Omi headquarters. Along with Terada's sworn brother (and replacement as their Chief of HQ), Ryo Takashima, Jin supports peace, though they are disagreed with by the more militant young blood in the alliance such as Toranosuke Sengoku and Ryuji. Ryuji stages a coup d'etat against the alliance during the meeting, kidnapping both Daigo and Jin.

Jin remains kidnapped by the Go-Ryu clan, which has splintered from the alliance, for most of the game. This leaves him unable to prevent their conflicts with the Tojo Clan and Kiryu during most of the game's events, during which Sengoku is killed by Ryuji. Jin does not appear again until the final chapter atop Kamurocho Hills, where he reveals the truth about Ryuji's original family. He took Ryuji in at the request of his biological mother Suyeon, wife of the Jingweon boss, and mother of Kaoru Sayama.

Jin then witnesses Kiryu duel Ryuji, only to lose. Afterwards, Terada appears, revealing that his death was faked, and that he is a member of the Jingweon Mafia that was trying to have the Omi Alliance destroy the Tojo Clan in the Jingweon's plot to take revenge on the Tojo Clan in retaliation for the Jingewon Massacre of 1980. After Kiryu subdues Terada, Takashima appears, revealing that he had been cooperating with Terada for a long time and had been aware of his Jingweon association. It as this point that Takashima kills both Terada and Jin, as he plots to take control of both yakuza groups and the Jingweon to his own ends. After Jin's death, Takashima was killed by Ryuji, who then died from Takashima's bullets after losing a final time to the Dragon of Dojima.


Yakuza 2

Yakuza Kiwami 2

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  • In the first game, Kyohei Jingu states that he had been collaborating with the 5th Chairman of the Omi Alliance (which would've been Jin), but in the second game Takashima clarifies that it was Ryuji and the Go-Ryu Clan who had gone behind the rest of the alliance's back to collaborate with him. The reason for this retcon is unknown. It could be that Ryuji had been deceiving Jingu into believing that he was the 5th Chairman, or that Jin eventually backed down from the talks and Ryuji continued them behind Jin's back.