"To me,CIA is just like my chairman. If they tell me to kill someone,I do it. It doesn't matter who it is."
Joji Kazama is a character introduced in Yakuza 3. He's the younger brother of Shintaro Kazama.

Biography Edit

Based on Ryuzo Tamiya's account, Joji was an elite cop, working for the National Police Agency's Foreign Affairs and Intelligence Department in the past. Thirty years before the events of Yakuza 3, Joji emigrated to USA to avoid persecution due to his brother's yakuza background, earning a fresh start as a CIA agent, working in their Far East division.

Yakuza 3Edit

He initially appears in the game after shooting Daigo and Nakahara. Due to his near identical looks to those of his dead brother, and Shintaro never having told people of Joji, Kiryu presumes that his mentor and father figure has somehow come back to life. Joji tacitly reveals that he is in fact Shintaro's brother during this scene, but since he is speaking English, Kiryu does not understand what Joji is saying. It is only later on that Kiryu (as well as presumably the original intended audience of Japanese players who don't speak English) find out his relation to Shintaro, during a meeting in Tamiya's ministerial office. He shoots and kills both Lau Ka Long and Tamashiro.


Joji bears an uncanny resemblance to his brother, Shintaro. He has a considerably fit physique given his age. He wears a black suit over a dark purple shirt and matching striped tie and vest.

Personality Edit

He's depicted as a bilingual, being able to speak both Japanese and English. He's also a proficient fighter and marksman, given his government agent background. When it comes to work, he's a no-nonsense, result-oriented person, as he wants to get the resort deal to go smoothly.

Fighting Style Edit

He shows proficiency in hand-to-hand combats, relying on precise attack combos.

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