Joon-gi Han (한 준기, Han Joon-gi/ハン・ジュンギ, Han Jungi) is an identity assumed by multiple characters in the Yakuza series. There are currently three known incarnations out of potentially several. In chronological order, these are the earliest known Joon-gi Han as seen in Ryu ga Gotoku Online, the second known Joon-gi Han as seen in Yakuza 6, and the third known Joon-gi Han as seen in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Overview[edit | edit source]

To become a man's shadow, your body and mind must be united with his, for the rest of your life. In turn, a shadow will be born from me some day... a shadow with the same commitment. So you see... Joon-gi Han is more an immortal entity than he is a man.
Joon-gi Han to Kazuma Kiryu, Yakuza: Like a Dragon (English Audio)

The identity of the "original" Han is currently unknown. As such, it is unclear which of his incarnations introduced thus far, if any, is the original. He is believed to be or to have once been a high-ranking member of the Jingweon Mafia's Japanese Branch. He is highly respected within the Jingweon to a degree that can be considered deific. He is described as having been made "immortal" through his successors and body doubles, who are appointed by Jingweon Mafia officials apparently against their will. This practice is thought to have originated some time before at least 1999.

The original Han appears to have been a young man with a muscular build, slicked-back hair dyed a color called "silver ash," and brown eyes. He is likely considerably stylish, wore heavy eyeliner, and favored dark clothing. He seems to have been a calm and calculating individual who maintains a superficially polite manner of speaking at all times. Han's incarnations are forced to change their appearances through plastic surgery as well as their names and mannerisms in order to be made into convincing "replicas" of the original. The process of assuming the original's identity appears to foster feelings of inadequacy within them, as well as identity issues.

The chronologically earliest known (third introduced) incarnation, real name unknown, is introduced during Wanderings of the Golden Dragon in Ryu ga Gotoku Online. A request to appoint a "new Joon-gi Han" is submitted to Jingweon leadership after he is evaluated as "defective" for failing his mission to assassinate Ryuji Goda, but it is unknown what becomes of this request.

Although the true identity of "the real Joon-gi Han" is unknown, the phrase is often used to refer to the second-earliest known (first introduced) incarnation, real name unknown, who is introduced in Yakuza 6. He appears to be the most respected among all known incarnations and is the leader of the Jingweon Mafia by 2016. He is succeeded by his body double, the third known (second introduced) and possibly final incarnation, real name Yeonsu Kim, who is introduced in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

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