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This article is about the character in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.
For the character in
Yakuza 6, see Joon-gi Han (Yakuza 6). For the character in Ryu ga Gotoku Online, see Joon-gi Han (Ryu ga Gotoku Online).

Joon-gi Han (한 준기, Han Joon-gi/ハン・ジュンギ, Han Jungi), also known by his birth name, Yeonsu Kim (김 연수, Kim Yeonsu/キム・ヨンス, Kimu Yonsu), is a supporting character as well as one of the seven playable characters in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. He is one of the three members of the Jingweon Mafia known to have assumed the identity of Joon-gi Han, as well as the strategist and second-in-command of the Geomijul.



Han's face has been restructured to look exactly like his predecessor's; prior to this, he describes himself as having been "quite handsome." He has slicked-back "silver ash"-colored hair and brown eyes. He wears heavy eyeliner. He is quite muscular, and has a 5% body fat percentage


Han's attire consists of a black raincoat, black cargo pants, and a pair of black leather combat boots. He is also sometimes seen wearing a black face mask. The outfit he wears is the same as a boss that he deeply respects.


Han displays a calm and collected demeanor modeled after his predecessor. However, compared to his predecessor, he is more of an introverted and stoic individual and lacks the same hotblooded extravagance and arrogance. On the other hand, the two are matched in ruthlessness. He never hesitates to put down an opponent that would pose a threat to him or the things he cares about, such as his newly acquired friends or the Geomijul.

Han always speaks fondly of his predecessor, so much so that he prefers to be called Joon-gi Han to honor his late leader's legacy while carving out a new one on his own. He is also shown to be guilt-ridden over the fact how he completely failed his job as his predecessor's body double. Due to this, he developed identity issues and feelings of inadequacy when comparing himself to "the real Joon-gi Han."

His stoic demeanor gradually melts away as he spends more and more time with Kasuga and the group, showing a more lighthearted side that's not above having fun with his new friends. His caring and compassionate side is exemplified further in his final Drink Link, as he revealed he kept using his dead leader's name in addition to drawing out former Jingweon members so that he could get them into the Geomijul, as a safe haven for stray Jingweon members.

Some side conversations indicate he takes great interest in maintaining his looks and physique, showing some degree of vanity.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for Yakuza 6 and Yakuza: Like a Dragon follow. (Skip)

Han was born in Japan, where his father was forced to remain as a stray member of the Jingweon Mafia after failing to avenge fellow members who had fallen in their feud with the Tojo Clan. His family was ostracized by both their Japanese and Korean peers and, as such, felt like they did not belong anywhere. He was subjected to physical abuse by his father, who is described as a lowly thug and an alcoholic, and was used by his father as a bargaining chip in order to get closer to his predecessor.

This culminated in him being drugged and forced to undergo plastic surgery in order to to act as a body double for is predecessor. He was then taken under his predecessor's wing, and the two ended up becoming closer. Despite their superior-subordinate relationship, he felt at home around him due to their similar backgrounds. He came to idolize him and considered him almost like a brother.

After his predecessor's death, Han fled Kamurocho along with the few remaining members of Jingweon He later realized he had no place to go or return to. He tried to find refuge in the other Korean communities but they saw him as a criminal and did not accept him. Along with this, he was persecuted by the Jingweon Mafia for being alive while "the real Joon-gi Han" was dead. When Han asked why they had abandoned another one of their own, they reported him to the police. However, the police officers who came to arrest him turned out to be Geomijul members sent out by Seong-hui, and instead of being incarcerated, he was taken to Yokohama.

He joined the Geomijul soon after this. He learned how his predecessor died soon after, and that his assassin was already dead, leaving him in a despairing and broken state. While recovering, he realized how Seong-hui was like his predecessor, in the sense that he felt at home around her and she was like the sister he'd never had. He swore later to her and ended up becoming her right hand as well as the second-in-command of the Geomijul.


Yakuza: Like A Dragon: 2019[]

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Han is first shown rescuing Ichiban Kasuga and his party while they are being held hostage by Akira Mabuchi in an underground dungeon. He welcomes them later when they arrive at Geomijul headquarters, and fights them when they to defend Nanba. Seong-hui chooses to let them know about Yutaka Ogikubo's dealings, and he leads them to the Ijin Three's meeting room at Heian Tower.


Fighting Styles[]

Han excels in fistfighting, and his moves are mostly based on boxing with other martial arts such as taekwondo. He uses brass knuckles as his main weapon, serving as a means to add more force to his punches. He is also able to dual wield handguns and is proficient in using karambit, as shown in one of his Heat Actions. Han is the fastest fighter in Kasuga's party. This is further exemplified as one of his skills allow him to relax his muscles, supremely boosting his evasion and accuracy. He also has access to other weaponry such as a stun gun which may cause the enemy to suffer paralysis, and sleeping powder which knocks out an enemy into a deep sleep. Han's time in the shadows has further honed his skill in the arts of assassination, as one of his skills allow him to become invisible and surprise an enemy when they least expect it. His skills "Head Trauma" and "Cheap Shot" are a reference to some of Joon-Gi Han's attack's from Yakuza 6. Head Trauma has the same animation as an attack in which Han would use his left hand to hold the back of the victim's head and use his right hand to pummel their face, causing them to fall onto the ground. This attack is unblockable. His attack "Cheap Shot" is a reference to one of Han's quick time event's with Kiryu in which he stomps on Kiryu's foot (an illegal move in boxing, which his fighting style is based around) in an attempt to land additional blows.

In battle, he also has an increased resistance against charm, brainwash and rage.


  • During his first Drink Link with Ichiban, Han reveals that he also enjoys video games.
  • Han is the only party member who does not have a karaoke song. When Kasuga talks to him at Survive Bar (before reaching Bond Level 5 with him), one of the dialogues will say he is not fond of singing.
    • Despite this, he still appears in the cinematic for Hell Stew, playing the keyboard.
  • Han is quite passionate about food and wine, as shown in a lot of his Table Talk scenes.
  • He shares his boss theme Theory of Beauty with his predecessor.


  1. The given height of 180 cm (5′ 11″) is based on the character model's scaling factor within the game's data. For Dragon Engine games, this method is believed to be very accurate (±1 cm). However, this is intended as an estimate, not a substitute for an official statistic.
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