Joy (ジョーイ, Jōi) is a doctor and minor character featured in Yakuza 0.

Appearance Edit

Joy has brown eyes and black hair, which she wears up in a bun. While in the operating room, she wears blue scrubs and white sandals.

While aboard Sera's ship, she wears a white lab coat over her scrubs with black dress shoes.

In both variations of her scrubs, she wears a silver necklace with a heart-shaped silver pendant, along with a silver watch on her left wrist.

During the epilogue, Joy wears a gray cardigan over her a black belted shirt with a ruffled black skirt. In place of her watch, she now wears silver bracelet.

Yakuza 0 Edit

Joy is first seen when Masaru Sera and Goro Majima bring Makimura Makoto to the hospital following her meeting with Sohei Dojima. She continues to look after her during the entire finale of Yakuza 0 as a comatose Makoto is taken captive by Keiji Shibusawa, and later appears to have befriended her, as they appear in the epilogue together.

Trivia Edit

  • Although not named in game, the name Joy is taken from her character models being labeled "Joi" (ジョーイ, Jōi).

Gallery Edit

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