Junji Sugiuchi (杉内 順次, Sugiuchi Junji) is a character featured in Yakuza 4. He is a veteran investigator in the Homicide division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sugiuchi wears a gray suit over a white shirt and a plaid tie, with matching dress suit pants and a pair of seemingly fancy black dress shoes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

"I wish I could've been a straight-up cop like you. Blood, sweat, tears and all."

— Sugiuchi to Tanimura, Yakuza 4

At work, Sugiuchi is a strict person and can be harsh at times, evident when he's less than happy upon finding out Tanimura's gambling addiction and when he told Akiyama to stay away from Kanemura Enterprises - which happened to be one of his clients, claiming that Akiyama's credit business fueled more crime. His harshness extends to a point where Tanimura said that he's not hesitant to beat someone up during an interrogation.

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While in truth that he was a yakuza disguising as a detective, it is revealed that Sugiuchi actually begins to questioning his allegiance every time he finished cases. He felt guilty and confused that ever since he introduced Katsuragi to Munakata, he had been nothing but a tool for them both. He also envied Tanimura and wished that he could've been a real cop just like him.

Background[edit | edit source]

Sugiuchi was a member of Ueno Seiwa clan and the blood brother to Isao Katsuragi. He was sent to join the police forces as a spy. Sugiuchi passed the academy and quickly earned his badge as a detective within the forces.

During the Ueno Seiwa hit incident, he and his fellow detective, Taigi Tanimura, had been investigating the shooting of Yoshiharu Ueno. He secretly worked together with Katsuragi to fake his injury, and submitted a false report to Munakata, at the time the director of the criminal investigations department, implicating Saejima as the perpetrator. However, Munakata realized that his report was fake and asked him to introduce Katsuragi to him in order to let Sugiuchi's false report passed off as the truth.

Later, he murdered Taigi after he discovered the truth behind the hit.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Yakuza 4: 2010[edit | edit source]

Sugiuchi first appears in Part 1 after Shun Akiyama was released from prison and deemed innocent from killing Masaru Ihara. He then warns Akiyama to stay away from the cops and not cause any more trouble for him while slapping his cheek. He later reappears when Akiyama takes out several Shibata Family members and Sugiuchi orders his men to detain Akiyama, but he manages to escape.

Later, he overhears Takeshi Kido and Akiyama's conversation which reveals that he's been asking about Akiyama and Kido's relationship with Hiroaki Arai. He later visits Akiyama at Sky Finance. He tells him about the current situation after Arai killed Ihara and that he put Sky Finance under 24-hour watch to protect Akiyama from the Shibata Family.

During the beginning of Part 3, he is seen interrogating the younger Tanimura for interfering and checking out the crime scene where Ihara's body was found without permission. He then gets mad at Tanimura after finding out he's listening to a gambling channel and not to him, after which Tanimura just heads out, saying he needs to find out the truth. He later reappears to protect Tanimura from Katsuragi's men at the Theater Square so he can return to Little Asia.

He was not seen again until Chapter 4. Tanimura, in an effort to bait out a traitor on the force, leaks that he is meeting Ueno Seiwa member Yutaka Mishima at the docks. Sugiuchi falls for the bait and shows up to kill Mishima, revealing himself to be the Ueno's mole in the force. After being cornered by Sudo and subsequently defeated by Tanimura following a speedboat chase, he admits that he is the one behind Taigi's murder. He also reveals that he himself had been a member of the Ueno family with Katsuragi, and not a real detective. He expresses his regret for not becoming a real detective like Tanimura before being shot in the chest by an unknown man. He warns Tanimura about another traitor before dying in Tanimura's arms.

It is later revealed that Satoshi Hisai was the one who killed him on Munakata's orders. He was also sent to kill Tanimura, but chose to spare him. Hisai would shortly afterwards commit suicide.


Fighting Style[edit | edit source]

Sugiuchi has a really aggressive fighting style. His combos consist of sometimes ending it with a feint punch or kick usually giving you a chance to dodge his attack, the last attack can break guard as well as break Tanimura's parry. his dodge shot can instantly stun, giving him a chance to attack. He has the tendency to grab the player after then stun. He instantly counters grabs from the front, but not in the back. In heat mode, he will always dodge the player. Sugiuchi will always counter a grab from both the front and the back during heat mode. When grab, Sugiuchi takes longer to escape his grab, this will give him the advantage to activate a Heat attack which makes him do a sumo grab, inflicting about a quarter half of health. This is inescapable. He can also do a heat attack if the player is on the ground. This one however can be avoid by pressing one of the face buttons. his heat mode ends if you or Sugiuchi uses their Heat attacks.

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