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Juro Horinouchi (堀ノ内 十郎, Horinouchi Jūrō) is a character featured in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.



Horinouchi has medium-length slicked-back hair that starts to grey due to his age.


He has two attires: first, a pinstriped charcoal grey suit with gold/black tie, matching pants, and a pair of leather shoes, and a full Metropolitan Police Commissioner's uniform.


Horinouchi appears to be rather stoic and severe in his behaviour, apparently believing that his ways are right even if they may be stereotypically wrong. He looks down on yakuza in particular, considering them to be lower forms of humanity, and a stain on society itself.

He does not appear to be above using his position for his own gain, however, as he co-operated with Ryo Aoki's Kamurocho 3K Plan, as well as the aftermath that allowed the Omi Alliance to filter into Kamurocho after the Tojo Clan's departure.


At one point before the events of the game, Horinouchi was serving in Kanagawa Prefectural Police as Koichi Adachi's superior before Adachi's demotion to DMV. Adachi later claims that after a murder case that featured a repeat offender as the prime suspect, Horinouchi ignored testimony that proved the man's innocence and forced the case through, in order to ensure his promotion to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Adachi also believes that Horinouchi used his influence with the Public Security Bureau to snuff out the information Adachi leaked regarding the accused's innocence, leading to Adachi's demotion.


Yakuza: Like a Dragon: 2000-2019[]

When Ichiban Kasuga and Masato Arakawa visit the cabaret club that Arakawa's girlfriend is working at for her birthday, Horinouchi is already her client. Kasuga attempts to persuade, then threaten him to leave, but he refuses. Arakawa then attempts to pay him to leave, but he refuses this as well before revealing his identity as a police officer. Later, Horinouchi is speaking to the hostess in the men's bathroom, mocking Arakawa for being the son of a yakuza, as well as for being foolish enough to fall for her honey trap.

During the eighteen years Kasuga was in prison, Horinouchi married the hostess and was promoted to Police Commissioner, later spearheading the Kamurocho 3K Plan that Ryo Aoki brought in as Governor of Tokyo. He also received under-the-table payments from the Arakawa Family to ignore the Omi Alliance's expansion into Kamurocho, money he would later also provide to his allies within the police.

After Masumi Arakawa's death, he briefly appears to accuse Aoki of ordering the hit, which Aoki denies. Later, when a ticker appears at the Citizen's Liberal Party election counting claiming the governor had been indicted, Aoki calls Horinouchi to demand answers, which he cannot provide. Horinouchi suggests to Aoki he avoid the Millennium Tower, which Aoki ignores.

Horinouchi is mentioned a few times when Kasuga confronts Aoki, the former accusing the latter of going through all these drastic measures solely to humiliate Horinouchi for stealing his lover eighteen years prior.

After Aoki's death, Horinouchi is called to a private meeting on the rooftop of the Tokyo PD's Kamurocho headquarters by Adachi. The former detective revealed he had discovered data in the Arakawa Family office that pointed to bribes paid to and from Horinouchi from the Arakawa Family, a fact that the flustered Horinouchi denied. The commissioner ordered officers to arrest Adachi, though the latter explained that he had already provided the information to higher-ups within the police, leading the officers to apprehend Horinouchi instead. As the disgraced commissioner is dragged away, Adachi briefly considers reminding him of meeting Kasuga eighteen years prior, but stops himself.