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Kaguya (かぐや) , real name Rei (レイ), is Taiga Saejima's hostess in Yakuza 5 who works at Rose Hip in Tsukimino, Sapporo.


Kaguya has a medium-length hair that is swept to the left side and brown eyes. 

She wears a blue dress with gold accents, an ornate necklace and a pair of earrings.

Her measurements are 94, 58, and 87 (from top to bottom). She is a G-cup.


According to an attendant at Tsukimino's entertainment information hub, she's a lackadaisical person, taking things at her own pace. She's also a great conversationalist, making her popular among older men.

She enjoys chocolate, which can be bought on North Lane at Okojoya. She is also a Scorpio, and keeps up with astrology despite not believing in it. She likes to lounge at home and watch movies.

Kaguya's name was chosen because she works in Tsukimino, with tsuki meaning "moon" in Japanese. Kaguya, in Japanese mythology, is the princess of the moon.

Yakuza 5[]

Saejima first learns of Kaguya from Himura, a fellow inmate at Abashiri. He visits her in his dreams while still in prison.

Kaguya's father is a rich businessman and her parents set her up for an arranged marriage. However, she also wants to audition for a modeling job, and lies about her age to get in - the modeling job requires candidates to be between 18 and 25, while Kaguya is 26 and one of the oldest girls in her club.

Kaguya eventually passes her modeling audition and turns down her arranged marriage.


Dialogue Tree[]

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  • Though her full real name is never revealed to the player, she does tell Saejima. One of her father's subordinates reveals her given name to be Rei.