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Kana Momonogi (桃乃木 かな, Momonogi Kana) is a hostess working at at Club Four Shine in Yakuza Kiwami 2 and Club Shine in Yakuza 3 Remastered.



Yakuza Kiwami 2[]

Kana is the first hostess Kiryu and the members of Four Shine face against in the Cabaret Club Grand Prix's Fresh League. After losing against them, Kanzaki fires her immediately, telling her she has proven just how useless she is, and how she's sullied the Kanzaki Group's name. While Kana is getting yelled at by the two top hostesses who worked in her club, Koyuki steps in and defends her, making the two leave. Kana thanks her for that, before telling about her struggles of working in a club where none of the other hostesses liked her and how she admires Four Shine's friendly atmosphere. Right after, Koyuki asks if Kana'd like to become friends with them, which leads to her joining the club as one of the Platinum Hostesses.

Yakuza 3 Remastered[]

"Kana-chan's a real cutie who's pure of heart. Tired of life in Tokyo, she left to relax in the countryside for a while, but came back not too long ago. Her innocent aura has made her quite popular at the club! Her blood type is AB, and she's a Capricorn! She loves to eat, but I hear she won't go near sushi. You won't be able to get her out of your mind once you get a taste of her pure-hearted goodness."



Icon Name Reaction
Y4fruitplatter.png Fruit Platter +Hostess Heart Half.png
Y4chickenbasket.png Chicken Basket Hostess Heart Empty.png
Y4vegetablesticks.png Vegetable Sticks Hostess Heart Empty.png
Y4driedrayfin.png Dried Ray Fin -Hostess Heart Half.png
Y4chocolate.png Chocolate +Hostess Heart Full.png
Y4pickledvegetables.png Pickled Vegetables +Hostess Heart Half.png


Icon Name Reaction
Y4goldchampagne.png Gold Champagne +Hostess Heart Half.png
Y4blackchampagne.png Black Champagne +Hostess Heart Half.png
Y4rosechampagne.png Rose Champagne Hostess Heart Empty.png
Y4whitechampagne.png White Champagne Hostess Heart Empty.png
Y4yamazaki12.png Yamazaki 12 Years Hostess Heart Empty.png
Y4premiummalts.png Beer +Hostess Heart Half.png
Y4cassisandorange.png Cassis & Orange +Hostess Heart Half.png
Y4orangejuice.png Orange Juice +Hostess Heart Half.png
Y4kyogetsugreen.png Kyogetsu Green Hostess Heart Empty.png



Kana loves yakiniku, but can't stand sushi. She's not one for shopping but she likes to play darts.

Dialogue Tree[]

Yakuza Kiwami 2[]

Kana Dinner Date 1 Responses

So you better keep eating with me, Kiryu-san! I'm actually a small eater.
I don't lose at eating. +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
I'm on a diet, myself.
Wow, Kana the captain, huh? That means... Your team was too weak. Hostess Heart Empty.png
You must have worked hard. +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
You had a lot of friends, huh? +Hostess Heart Full.png
Kiryu-san... How do I become an amazing hostess? Keep those big spenders.
Keep working hard. +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
Get closer to the manager.
Kana... You'll never feel alone again. +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
Your previous club failed you.
Don't overwork yourself.

Kana Dinner Date 2 Responses

Ah, sorry. Kiryu-san, you're not big on solo karaoke, huh? I love solo karaoke. +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
I go to practice.
Karaoke is better with friends.
I don't date customers in the first place, but, I wonder? Who's the right guy for me? A big eater, right? +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
It's me, right?
A man chasing his dreams?
What do you think would be the best direction to go in? The idol route.
How about playing it straight? +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
Definitely mature and sexy.
Yeah... Anything come to mind? Shellac
Komian +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
Four Shine, of course!

Kana Dinner Date 3 Responses

I want to do something... But what do you think is the right call? Why don't you help her?
Why don't you ask her? +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
Stay out of her business. Hostess Heart Empty.png
Kana... You've really matured. +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
This calls for a hug.
I still blame your senpai.
In that case... Where do you see me in ten years, Kiryu-san? A top tier hostess. +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
My wife.
Manager of Four Shine.
I know I said I didn't want a relationship... But if I had a boyfriend like you, maybe I'd change my tune. I'm sure you'll find one. Hostess Heart Empty.png
I feel the same way.
I want a girlfriend like you. +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png

Yakuza 3 Remastered[]

I wonder if I can ever get used to living in Tokyo again. That's going to be tough to overcome. -Hostess Heart Half.png
The trains are definitely too crowded. +Hostess Heart Half.png
How about getting around by bicycle? +Hostess Heart Quarter.png
But yeah, that's me. I just wanted to let you know I was weird before you started thinking I was weird... Um... Does that make sense? Your friends didn't get it. +Hostess Heart Half.png
That's a... unique answer. -Hostess Heart Quarter.png
That's not weird, that's clever. +Hostess Heart Full.png
Though sometimes that kind of disrupts the conversation... You'll get back into the swing of things. -Hostess Heart Quarter.png
I think accents sounds cute. +Hostess Heart Half.png
You're overthinking it. +Hostess Heart Full.png
I wonder... Am I just an irresponsible person? Hehe. ♪ Are they that hard to tell apart? Hostess Heart Empty.png
I wonder what Newton thought. +Hostess Heart Quarter.png
That is embarrassing. -Hostess Heart Quarter.png
I'm kind of a homebody, so it really bothers me when my home isn't perfect. You should move out right away. -Hostess Heart Quarter.png
Just get a better light bulb. -Hostess Heart Quarter.png
Time to call an exorcist. +Hostess Heart Half.png
Why do you think that is? Maybe you're stressed out? Hostess Heart Empty.png
Maybe you just like everything? Hostess Heart Empty.png
You've got a black hole for a stomach. +Hostess Heart Half.png
I wouldn't change that place for the world, even if it is a boring backwater with nothing to do. Some things shouldn't change. +Hostess Heart Half.png
Thinking of going back? Hostess Heart Empty.png
I'd like to go there sometime. +Hostess Heart Full.png
Apparently, it's getting common for dieters to eat bananas for breakfast. Bananas? Is that the whole diet? Hostess Heart Empty.png
No one succeeds in a diet like that. -Hostess Heart Half.png
I've never gone on a diet in my life. +Hostess Heart Full.png
I'm apologizing because I totally crashed... (I should laugh it off.) +Hostess Heart Half.png
Guess I'll just have to punish you. -Hostess Heart Quarter.png
It happens. Don't sweat it. Hostess Heart Empty.png
I'm sorry for bringing up something so heavy, Kirya-san... You're overthinking it. -Hostess Heart Half.png
You're not alone. +Hostess Heart Half.png
That's just life. Hostess Heart Empty.png
Should she even be doing that? Like, come on, girl! It's so unladylike! But I can't stay mad at her. She takes after her mom. +Hostess Heart Quarter.png
But at least she's cute? -Hostess Heart Half.png
They're always cute when they're little. +Hostess Heart Half.png
I just... passed out again... You're a funny one, Kana. Hostess Heart Empty.png
Now I really have to punish you! -Hostess Heart Half.png
Don't you have an alarm. +Hostess Heart Half.png
I guess there really isn't any justice in the world, Kiryu-san. Everyone and everything is just... fake. The world can seem pretty rotten sometimes. -Hostess Heart Half.png
There is good in this world. Hostess Heart Empty.png
(I'll stay quiet and listen). +Hostess Heart Full.png
A lot of good things happened today, so maybe Newton was just trying to tell me I was gonna have a good day. Sounds like it was a dream come true, then. Hostess Heart Empty.png
Dreams don't mean anything. +Hostess Heart Half.png
It was a good omen after all. -Hostess Heart Quarter.png
I just know they'll look adorable on Newton. I want to go home right now so I can see what she looks like in them. You have an odd fashion sense. Hostess Heart Empty.png
So you like costumes, huh? +Hostess Heart Full.png
Don't you feel bad for making her wear those? -Hostess Heart Half.png
Hehehe. Can you guess which it was, Kiryu-san? Swimming +Hostess Heart Full.png
Calligraphy Hostess Heart Empty.png
Using an Abacus Hostess Heart Empty.png
She's an odd dog for eating bananas, don't you think? It's definitely out of the ordinary. Hostess Heart Empty.png
Is it okay for her to eat that? -Hostess Heart Half.png
I'm not sure she thinks of herself as a dog. +Hostess Heart Half.png
Mm... I just don't think I'm good enough right now... That's a shame. +Hostess Heart Quarter.png
You still can't decide? -Hostess Heart Half.png
Think on it. +Hostess Heart Full.png
Kiryu-san, I'm sorry. I know I'm supposed to entertain you here, and I do my best, but I'm always... You're doing great. +Hostess Heart Full.png
Don't worry about it. Hostess Heart Empty.png
Cheer up. -Hostess Heart Full.png
So what do you think? Is that one a bad omen? Maybe the hairless part is. +Hostess Heart Half.png
How am I supposed to know? -Hostess Heart Half.png
Maybe she's trying to tell you something. Hostess Heart Empty.png
I don't feel like I'm forcing myself to talk, and there's no deed time where neither of us is talking. I feel the same way. +Hostess Heart Full.png
Isn't talking your job, though? -Hostess Heart Quarter.png
So talking to me is just business, huh? -Hostess Heart Quarter.png
I went back after we finished eating, but no luck. Someone had taken it, I guess... That was a silly thing to do... -Hostess Heart Quarter.png
That's a pretty funny story. Hostess Heart Empty.png
I really feel for you there. -Hostess Heart Half.png
I'm kind of at the end of my rope with them... Scowl and look busy. +Hostess Heart Quarter.png
Pretend to be on the phone. +Hostess Heart Half.png
Dress like a man and take long strides. -Hostess Heart Half.png


  • In Yakuza 3 Remastered, when Kiryu requests Kana at Club Shine, Kana says to Kiryu: "It's always nice to meet someone new. Hope you like me after today". However, they used to work together in Kiwami 2.


Yakuza Kiwami 2[]

Yakuza 3 Remastered[]

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