Kanji Koshimizu (小清水 寛治, Koshimizu Kanji) is the tertiary antagonist in Yakuza 6. Viewed as the successor to the Yomei Alliance, rivaling the Tojo Clan and Omi Alliance in terms of prestige. It is rumored that rather than the chairman, it is he who holds the true power over the current Yomei Alliance.

Personality Edit

He is intelligent and tolerant enough to have risen to underboss, but at heart he is a brawler who craves to engage in life-or-death combat with strong men.

Appearance Edit

He wears an all-red suit over black dress shirt, a gold chain necklace and a pair of black dress shoes. He has a buzz cut hairstyle.

History Edit

Yakuza 6 Edit

Koshimizu reveals himself shortly after Kiryu arrives in Hiroshima. Despite having to clean up the mess of one of his subordinates, Koshimizu announces his excitement at the prospect of having Kiryu in town, shortly before revealing his true identity to Kiryu's new friends.

Fighting Style Edit

Koshimizu is a considerable opponent. A brawler at heart, he's fought twice. His first encounter shows his proficiency in using the tanto, while his second encounter at the final chapter shows his proficiency in hand-to-hand combat.

Gallery Edit

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