Kanzaki is the new owner of Club Sunshine in Yakuza Kiwami 2.

Yakuza Kiwami 2[edit | edit source]

Kanzaki was noticed by Kiryu who manipulated the new manager of Club Four Shine, Kiritani to work for him at Club Sunshine by paying him double the amount of Club Four Shine's payment. Kiritani than accepts the offer and joined Kanzaki leaving Club Four Shine with no manager. Kanzaki then show up to Club Four Shine to force Yuki to join the Cabaret Club Grand Prix to claim her property for Club Sunshine if she loses the tournament. During the Grand Prix, Kanzaki attempts to sabotage Club Four Shine by kidnapping their top hostess, Koyuki. He also falsely accused Four Shine for cheating by having a Yakuza be a manager in the club to force the club to participate with only six hostesses in the third championship. However, his plans were foiled thanks to the former owner and manager of Club Sunshine, Youda and Goro Majima by rescuing Koyuki and revealed that the Grand Prix host,  Buono Isozaki has been working with Kanzaki to cheat. Regardless his cheating ways and false accusations, Kanzaki failed several matches in the Grand Prix and all of his top hostess joined Club Four Shine. After the Grand Prix was over, he and Buono were arrested for their crimes.

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