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Karaoke (カラオケ) is a rhythm-based minigame first appearing in Yakuza 3.


The Gameplay of karaoke mode is very similar to that of Project Diva games, in which by using thePlaystation btn triangle.pngPlaystation btn circle.pngPlaystation btn cross.pngPlaystation btn square.png buttons on the controller, the player must press the corresponding button in time to the music. There are three different types of input, which are "rapid press", "hold", and a normal press.

If a high enough score is achieved by the player, a cinematic scene will play from around the midway point onward relating to the song.

In Kurohyou: Ryu ga Gotoku Shinsho, the only action is to rapidly press Playstation btn circle.png and the song will be finished


Main Games[]

Yakuza 3[]

Yakuza 4[]

Yakuza 5[]

Yakuza 0[]

Yakuza Kiwami[]

Yakuza 6[]

Yakuza Kiwami 2[]

Yakuza: Like a Dragon[]

Spin-off Titles[]

Kurohyō: Ryū ga Gotoku Shinshō[]


Kurohyou 2: Ryu ga Gotoku Ashura-hen[]

Yakuza: Dead Souls[]

Includes the same songs from Yakuza 4 with the addition of:

Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin![]