Way I see it, anyone who knows that side of me ain't exactly a saint either.
— Kazuya Ayabe

Kazuya Ayabe (綾部 和也, Ayabe Kazuya) is a character featured in Judgment.

He is an officer in the Organized Crime Unit of Kamurocho's local police, though on the side he is also what is known as a "dirty cop" who withholds information on investigations for his own benefit. He assists Yagami with information related to The Mole – for a price.


Ayabe, though rather sneaky and conniving, is intelligent and good at his job; both as a detective and as an informant.

Appearance Edit

Ayabe has long and extremely scruffy hair. His attire consists of an olive green trenchcoat over standard office outfit.

Judgment Edit

Trivia Edit

  • His attire is similar to Makoto Date, a character in Yakuza who has the same position as Ayabe.

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