Kim Won-soon is a character in Judgment. He is the owner of the Beef Zone Korean restaurant. He frequently texts Takayuki Yagami to warn him of the presence of the Keihin Gang in Kamurocho.


Kim appears to be middle aged, with a small beard. He wears a pale blue shirt under a red apron, black trousers, and black shoes.

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Kim was born in Korea.


Kim is first seen in the game being harassed by Kenta Kasai of the Keihin Gang due to his being foreign. Takayuki Yagami fights Kasai and his men off, and Kasai says that Yagami is now also a target of the gang. After this, Kim will text Yagami occasionally to tell him that the gang are targeting foreigners. If Yagami fights the Keihin leaders off whilst the threat gauge remains active, Kim will reward him with drone materials.

In Chapter 8, Kim's friendship quest will start. He asks Yagami what he should do to differentiate his restaurant from Kanrai. This prompts a four-way dialogue box; it does not matter which choice you make. The next three times you come to see him, the same dialogue box will again show up with the previously selected choices removed.


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