Kirara Asuka is one of the available hostesses at Four Shine.

Yakuza Kiwami 2Edit

Kirara is the number one hostess of Club Sunshine, as well as the final hostess Kiryu and the members of Club Four Shine face against. She was mentored by Yuki in the past, whom she considers her rival.

It is later revealed that after Kirara became the number two hostess of Club Sunshine, both Yuki and Youda were driven out of the club by Kanzaki. Ever since that, Kirara thought that Yuki ran away from the challenge, and has been yearning to face her again.

Dialogue TreeEdit

Hm, that's not what I want at all. How can I get them to relax? Order them to chill out. +Hostess Heart Full
Distance is a good thing. Hostess Heart Empty
Try approaching them. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
A special pun, huh? Wanna avoid dangerous cults? +Hostess Heart Full
Make a Kazuma Pun Hostess Heart Empty
Make a Kirara Pun +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
Wow. Let's see if I can guess what you're gambling on... Horse racing? +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
Relationships? +Hostess Heart Full
An underground casino? Hostess Heart Empty
Tell me, Kiryu-san... How would you bet on the races? I always bet on the dark horse. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
I'd enjoy the show, no bets. Hostess Heart Empty
I'd spread it over several picks. +Hostess Heart Full
Say what? If I gave it to you, what would you spend it on, Kiryu-san? I'd invest in Four Shine. +Hostess Heart Full
I'd put it in the bank. Hostess Heart Empty
I'd gamble it on another horse. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
If you got married and had kids, what would you do, Kiryu-san? Nothing, really. Hostess Heart Empty
Be a field trip supervisor. +Hostess Heart Full
Drink with them. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
Oho... So I see. Invite Her to Karaoke +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
Serenade Her +Hostess Heart Full
Show Her the Goods Hostess Heart Empty
"I see... So you want to leave a legacy... Why not write a book? +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
Find an apprentice. Hostess Heart Empty
Open your own club. +Hostess Heart Full


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