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Ko Hattori (服部 耕, Hattori Kō) is minor character in Judgment and Lost Judgment. He is a freelance journalist.



Hattori wears an olive green sport coat over a white t-shirt, with a pair of black dress pants.



Hattori's involvement with Takayuki Yagami's professional life dates back to Yagami's days as a lawyer, where he was responsible for writing the news about Yagami's downfall following the second trial of Shinpei Okubo in 2015.


Judgment: 2018-2019[]

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Hattori meets Yagami again in a courtroom following the acquittal of Kyohei Hamura. Hattori gets in Masamichi Shintani's good graces afterward and he often approaches Yagami for interviews, much to the latter's chagrin.

Eventually, Hattori and Yagami discuss the possibility of AD-9 being defective, notably from the convenient timing of its creation.

Lost Judgment: 2022[]

Hattori witnesses Akihiro Ehara confess to the murder of Hiro Mikoshiba during his retrial and leaves the courtroom to write an article about it.