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Koji is a member of the Black Thunder motorcycle gang in Yakuza 2 and its remake.


Koji has dyed-blond hair, and he wears the gang's black gang uniform. In Yakuza 2, he appears to have crooked teeth.

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Koji became the most senior member of Black Thunder after the departure of its founders, Yuya and Okano.

Yakuza 2/Yakuza Kiwami 2Edit

Koji comes into Stardust, demanding that Yuya tell him the whereabouts of Okano. When Yuya says that he does not know, Koji then says that Yuya owes the gang 5 million yen for leaving; a rule Yuya came up with himself. When Yuya says that he does not have that kind of cash in his possession, Koji says that he will be back, and that Yuya had better have either Okano or the 5 million by then.
Koji and his fellow gang members return on their motorbikes, riding them in a circle around Yuya. They then get off, and Yuya tries to attack Koji, but another gang member restrains him. Koji then questions how Yuya is going to take them all on by himself, when Kiryu comes in and offers to help Yuya "take out the trash." This angers Koji, and a fight begins. Halfway through, Ako, who was previously called Okano before she transitioned to a woman, throws Yuya his jacket, and he and Kiryu continue the fight, eventually defeating Koji and the rest of the gang.


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