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Koyuki (小雪) is a character featured in Yakuza Kiwami 2. She is the number one hostess at the cabaret club Four Shine.



Koyuki is a very cheerful and hardworking girl. She comes from a poor family and has self-esteem issues, especially over her appearance. Similarly to Yuki she has gone to all-girls' schools throughout her life, so she has barely any experience dealing with men. She adores Yuki more than anything else.


Yakuza Kiwami 2: 2006[]

Yuki calls Koyuki to meet with the would-be manager of Four Shine, Kiritani. However, she mistakes Kazuma Kiryu for Kiritani, who had just been poached by another club before Kiryu was taken in. She and Yuki beg Kiryu to be the manager of the club as he reluctantly accepts. They are then forcibly entered into the Cabaret Club Grand Prix by the Kanzaki Group, hoping to finally end Yuki's career and have full control over all clubs in Sotenbori.

Thanks to Kiryu's ability to get everyone at Four Shine working together, Koyuki and company are able to win the Fresh League and Paradise League and have Kana Momonogi and Aika join Four Shine. The Grand Prix has the Executive League attempt to limit Four Shine to 6 hostesses per shift, but Four Shine is still able to win and recruit Shoko Takahashi.

At some point after her training with Kiryu is complete, Koyuki requests that he help her crack down on the panty thief she has had to deal with at home. While successful, a series of events causes her to think of Kiryu differently.

As the Millionaire League closes in, Koyuki is targeted by Kanzaki. Youda has her temporarily go into hiding, during which they discover that Buono Isozaki was rigging the Grand Prix against Four Shine. Koyuki and Youda reappear after Four Shine wins the Millionaire League to explain her disappearance, and Goro Majima rats out Isozaki at Youda's request. After he flees, Yua Mikami decides to join Four Shine and Majima replaces Isozaki as the Grand Prix commentator.

Realizing they may still not be able to beat Club Sunshine, Yuki decides to return to hosting with everyone's encouragement. Koyuki is the first to help get her outfit ready, and they challenge Club Sunshine in the finals. Four Shine wins and brings an end to the Kanzaki Group, recruiting Kirara Asuka in the process.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon: 2019[]

Koyuki appears as part of the Management DLC, having run a sushi restaurant together with Yuki before being potentially hired by Ichiban Kasuga.

Dialogue Tree[]

Dinner date 1[]

I know, right? But how should I fix myself? You've got to own it. +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
Think of him as your mother. +Hostess Heart Full.png
Think of him as beneath you. Hostess Heart Empty.png
Koyuki... You, uh... You must really like Yuki. +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
That's... creepy. Hostess Heart Empty.png
Pictures, you say? +Hostess Heart Full.png
For someone as lame as me to wanna be like Yuki-san... Kinda ridiculous, right? That's up to you. +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
You can surpass her. +Hostess Heart Full.png
Ridiculous is right! Hostess Heart Empty.png
Koyuki... That's admirable. +Hostess Heart Full.png
Would you like a raise? Hostess Heart Empty.png
The meal's on me today. +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png

Dinner date 2[]

Besides, for the manager to date a hostess... Isn't that frowned upon in this business? Doesn't bother me. +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
There are no rules.
Long as we don't cross any lines.
Right? It's weird to have no relationship experience by the time you're 21... Maybe it's you? Hostess Heart Empty.png
Guys have missed out. +Hostess Heart Full.png
I can fix that for you... +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
Men generally go for sexy women with great style, don't they? What matters is what's inside. +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
I think you're plenty hot. +Hostess Heart Full.png
Men do prefer sexy women. Hostess Heart Empty.png
If you'd tell me, I'd love to hear about your love life... Just a little? Maybe I'm in love right now. +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
There was a woman once... +Hostess Heart Full.png
I have no time for love! Hostess Heart Empty.png

Dinner date 3[]

Kiryu-san... What should I do in this situation!? I'll find the culprit. +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
I'll find your panties. +Hostess Heart Full.png
...It was me. Hostess Heart Empty.png
What, no way! My panties are hardly worth stealing... They're worth stealing! Hostess Heart Empty.png
The world has its creeps... +Hostess Heart Full.png
I'll protect you. +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
A present for Yuki... Let's see... A brand name bag. +Hostess Heart Full.png
A collection of messages. +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
Anti-blemish cream. Hostess Heart Empty.png
You know... Yuki-san is important to me... But I've come to value you just as much. I feel the same way. +Hostess Heart Full.pngHostess Heart Full.png
Let's keep moving forward. +Hostess Heart Full.png
So I can have your panties? Hostess Heart Empty.png


  • Koyuki's salary of 20,000 yen makes her the cheapest Platinum hostess to add to the roster, even cheaper than Silver and Gold hostesses (30,000 and 40,000 yen respectively).
  • In Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Koyuki ranks highly on the leaderboards for every single karaoke song.


  1. The given height of 165 cm (5′ 5″) is based on the character model's scaling factor within Yakuza Kiwami 2's data.[2] For Dragon Engine games, this method is believed to be very accurate (±2 cm). However, this is intended as an estimate, not a substitute for an official statistic.


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    Wow, younger than me! I'm 21!

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