Kunihiko Morita (森田 邦彦, Morita Kunihiko) is a character in Judgment. He is the chief prosecutor and works alongside Mafuyu and Izumida.

Background Edit

Morita's mother suffered from dementia, forcing his brother to stop his career in its tracks in order to care for her. Morita himself went on to become chief prosecutor, though this took a toll on his brother, who had become so frustrated with their mother that he killed her, then committed suicide shortly after, leaving Morita alone. The event led to Morita becoming involved in the AD-9 project, turning a blind eye to The Mole's murders.

After Mafuyu's parents were killed in a hit and run, he worked tirelessly to bring the killer to justice, which led Mafuyu to fall in love with him, pursuing her own career as a prosecutor alongside him. Her affections remained unrequited, and he married an unnamed woman on the same day that Mafuyu was introduced to Takayuki Yagami at Bar Tender by Saori Shirosaki.


Most of the time, Morita appears as a stoic person who puts professional responsibilities over personal matters


Morita wears a charcoal gray suit over white shirt and striped tie, a pair of matching dress pants, and a pair of leather dress shoes. Occasionally, he can also be seen wearing a black overcoat over his attire.

He has a conservative slicked back hair style and wears a pair of prescription glasses.



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