Is it me or does the captain... kinda suffocate the office?
— Kurimoto to Kengo

Kurimoto is a minor character in Judgment. He is a member of the Matsugane Family.


Kurimoto wears a similar white sports jacket to what Kyohei Hamura occasionally wears. He is also similarly built to Hamura, with a similar hairstyle.


According to Masaharu Kaito, Kurimoto is "Not the kind of guy who would stand out."

Background Edit

Kurimoto has been a part of the Matsugane Family for a number of years. He is looked up to as an aniki by many members, including Kengo.


At the beginning of Chapter 4, Kengo and Kurimoto leave the Matsugane Family Office whilst the other family members are beating up Toru Higashi for failing to take care of Takayuki Yagami. Kengo lights up a cigarette for him (even though smoking outside is prohibited in Kamurocho), and Kurimoto makes a comment about how captain Kyohei Hamura is suffocating the office. At this point, a mysterious assassin with a Makarov pistol rushes the pair from behind. The man shouts "DIE!" (死ね shine) and fires five shots, four hitting Kurimoto, and a stray round hitting a passer-by in the shoulder. With everyone, including Kengo, cowering in fear, the man calmly walks over to Kurimoto and kicks him onto the back. He then shoots Kurimoto in both eyes, in revenge for The Mole's killings of Kyorei Clan members. In reality, the man had intended to kill captain Hamura, but mistook Kurimoto for him given their similar appearances.


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