Beauty fades, I'm saying. Work all you want, you can't take it with you. None of it matters. I say whoever has the most fun wins.
— Kurotaka to Majima, Yakuza: Dead Souls

Kurotaka (黒鷹, Kurotaka) is a professional sniper and Goro Majima's main partner in Yakuza: Dead Souls. He becomes available as an AI companion upon the completion of Zombie Cop Part 1 and accompanies Majima for the rest of the Zombie Cop series of substories.

Personality Edit

Kurotaka appears to be a hedonistic individual, who views the main purpose of life as being simply for enjoyment.

Appearance Edit

Kurotaka has a shaved head and moustache with a 5 O'clock shadow. He wears a black sports jacket open with a red shirt underneath, unbuttoned to his chest, and a black pair of jeans.

Yakuza: Dead Souls Edit

He entered the profession because of the death of his father, who as a cop, gave his life to save others, but was soon forgotten. This left him to be "...soured...on other people." That is why he lives for himself, anyway he wants and in Yakuza: Dead Souls that reason is "...getting to plug as many zombies as he likes.

Combat Edit

Kurotaka's a professional sniper. He's a real crackshot! If he loses too much health when he has low affinity, he'll lose concentration and shoot less accurately. Keep an eye on his health!
Gary "Buster" Holmes
Kurotaka uses bolt-action sniper rifles while fighting zombies. He has a starting affinity of D and his accuracy is C by default, though he starts off with two unequipped skills that boost his accuracy to S as to not compromise his sniper status. He also has two health-packs by default.

Skills Edit

  • Precision Marksmanship (Shooting Accuracy Level is increased 1 level)
  • Concentrated Fire (Shooting Accuracy Level is increased by 2 levels)
  • Headshot (Headshot chance is increased by 10%)
  • Bowling Shot (Single bullet can knock over the zombies)
  • Tuning (Offensive Ability is increased by 1.1)
  • Medicine Box (First Aid Kit maximum increased by 1)
  • Body of the Goddess (First Aid Kits can heal your partner and the main character)
  • Spirit of the Goddess (First Aid Kits can be used to heal your partner and the main character)
  • Body of Vajra (Health is increased by 1.5)
  • Spirit of Vajra (Health is increased by 1.5)

Trivia Edit

  • Kurotaka's name translates as Black Hawk in English, hence the name of his rifle.
    • Coincidentally, the game also features JSDF UH-60 "Black Hawk" helicopters.

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